Logos Bible Study

Logos is a weekly bible study that meets to dive deeply into Scripture and the context in which it was written. We discuss the impact of language, culture and history on the Bible and our understanding of it. Not a scholar? No worries! This meeting is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the book that we base our life around.  Logos meets every Wednesday night at 7:00pm in the Prayer Chapel (door A).  For questions, contact pknehans@sbcglobal.net

Online Bible Study

This is a weekly publication that will allow you to not only have a more intentional Bible reading plan, but will also put you in contact with others who are meditating on the same Scripture you are. We will get together occasionally to share and discuss what we have been reading. The Bible reading club is a no pressure opportunity to take your devotional life to a new level. Each week you will get an email with that week's reading schedule as well as some questions and observations for each day's reading.

Written by Marlyn Gligora



21 Day Fast Devotional Blog

This 21 day devotional was uniquely written each day by a different member of Christian Assembly. It specifically focuses on hearing God's voice and being transformed in His presence. 

CBS (Community Bible Study)

Community Bible Study (CBS) for women takes place every Thursday from 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m here at Christian Assembly. Women from over 35 churches across central Ohio join together for a weekly bible study. Classes for children ages 1 – 17 are also available during this time. Ladies, if you are able to, come on over and join in this phenomenal bible study experience. You will learn a lot, and be able to interact with women from across the city. Don’t miss this!