Written by: Harriston Wilson

Morning and Evening Meditation

Read: 1 John 4:16-19

Pray: Pray that we will not rationalize things when God may be leading us somewhere entirely different than what our intellect says.


Incredible though it may seem, the weak are admonished to say they are strong. But in order to ascertain a more in depth knowledge and understanding of weak and strong, let us determine how and where we may be weak or strong.

Mankind is a triune being: spirit soul and body.  Therefore if man is weak or strong, it would have to be in one or more of man’s beings. May I submit that the spirit of man is either dead or alive, never weak.

(1) The spirit of man is the lifeline and if the lifeline is severed from God, man is a dead, walking being. The spirit of man must be restored to God through Christ. Then man’s spirit is alive, strong and well; not weak.

(2) The soul, (mind, will and emotions) determines whether body or spirit will have dominance. It is the soul that will dictate the mental state of man as it relates to being weak, growing, or strong toward the will of God.

(3) The physical body of man contacts the world. We come into this world as a baby (weak), growing physically stronger each day. (That is not to deny that a senior moment may avail itself in our senior years.)

With that being said we have an intercessor, Jesus, who took our illnesses and carried our diseases. Jesus did not die because He was weak.  He died because He was strong, and was resurrected to challenge the weak to become strong.


Am I ruled by my emotions, instead of making them bow to Him?

Prayer Challenge
Pray with the mind of Christ__ “As He is, so am I in this world!”