Written by: Jeremy Gligora

Morning and evening meditation

Read: Matthew 10:16-20

Pray: Ask the Lord today to give you insight as you interact with people to see what is really going on in their hearts and minds.

Ask the Lord for the courage to speak His truth and His good news in any opportunity that will come up without regard to the possible consequences.


Read: Matthew 10:16-20

Today’s passage could be titled, “there’s good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news”.

“Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves”. Not the most comforting of verses. This word picture was not coined by Jesus, this was a common phrase used in Israel at that time to describe the Roman occupation. Jesus borrows this metaphor and applies it to His disciples as they go out to their own people to spread the gospel. He was telling them up front that sharing the good news isn’t “good news” to everyone, and to some, it will cause to lash out like wolves attacking a sheep.

Sometimes we refuse to share our story or talk about Jesus with others, because we are afraid that we will be rejected, or that we won’t “be good enough” at it and will not be effective. The reality is, that according to Jesus, rejection and retaliation is a common response. Personally, I find this oddly reassuring because it means that I am not responsible for a “positive outcome”, but that’s not the encouragement Jesus offers in this passage. In the end of the passage, Jesus promises that if we will initiate a conversation about Him, He will join us and speak through us! Think about that. There is nothing more satisfying or exciting than experiencing the privilege of being used and empowered by God! If you will step out in faith, by taking advantage of an opportunity to talk about the Lord, Jesus promises that the Spirit of the living God will work through you.

Talking about the Lord can look like many things. You can share with a friend a story about something God did in your life. Offer to pray with someone who is struggling with something. Stand up for what’s right, and explain why, based on your faith, it’s wrong. Meet a need, and then explain how Jesus meets your needs and asks you to pay it forward.


Look back over your last week. What is one situation that you could have turned into an opportunity to share Jesus with someone?

Prayer Challenge

Thank the Lord for the privilege of being used by Him for such an important mission, and then ask the Lord for boldness and vision to be a witness.

Next Step

Write down a plan of how tomorrow you can do something to create an opportunity to tell someone that Jesus loves them.