Written by: Samson Wasao

Morning and Evening Meditation

Read: Genesis 45:4-8

Pray: Ask the Lord to reveal to you one person that you need to forgive.

Ask for the graciousness and humility to focus on what God is doing in your own life in this area of forgiveness.


Read Genesis 45:4-8

 This is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible on how to truly forgive those who have wronged us. Joseph’s brothers had sold him off, made up a story about his disappearance or faked death to their father, and essentially forgot about him. In this passage, they appear before him to buy grain to take back home to their famine-ravaged country. To their shock, he reveals himself to them and surprisingly forgives and embraces them!

I have nursed unforgiveness against a member of my own family for what they said about my wife and me. I have held  a grudge against this person until the Lord clearly revealed to me that I had failed to love the person the way Christ loved me and totally forgave all my sin (1Cor.13:5; Col.3:13). Joseph, in this passage, did not hold any bitterness or a grudge against his brothers (although he had reasons to do so) but fully forgave and embraced them.


Are you harboring bitterness, a grudge, unforgiveness, or anger against anybody that you can think of-dead or alive? Like Joseph, God is sending you to that person to not count their sin against them but to fully forgive them. 

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to show you that specific person that you need to go to and forgive this morning. Begin by thanking God for having forgiven you in Christ, and similarly thank God for the other person. Ask God to direct you on how you are going to let the person know that you have fully forgiven them.

Next Step

Write down a specific action point on how you are going to go to this person and let them know that, although they hurt you, you have totally forgiven them in Christ.