Written by: Samson Wasao

Morning and Evening Meditation

Read: 2 Cor. 1:9-11

Pray: Ask God to reveal to you a specific situation or challenge that you should pray for on behalf of the person or persons that are going through a specific situation or challenge.


Read 2 Cor. 1:9-11

Paul had the spiritual habit of engaging other believers in prayers for him, his companions, his ministry, and for other Christians. Ezekiel calls this “standing in the gap” for others (Ezek. 22:30). Paul expresses  confidence in the ability of the Corinthian Christians to pray for him and his companions about the hardships that he and his companions were experiencing while spreading the Gospel in the Province of Asia. He was sure that God works through the prayers of believers. His hope for victory is that as the Corinthian church “helps us by your prayers” this would lead to deliverance by the God who “raises people from the dead”!

When we decided to relocate to the USA to be missionaries among international students and scholars, I personally did not fully understand how much prayer support and encouragement we would need to go on with the ministry. We have been bombarded by many challenges from multiple fronts; health, family relations, finances,  as well as obstacles in ministry.  I have been tempted to give up if it weren’t for the prayerful support of my wife and a small team of brothers and sisters, some here in the US, and others in Kenya. They have truly stood in the gap for us and our ministry!


Whom can you pray for today? Think about individual(s),a group, or an organization that is going through challenges or difficulties.

Prayer Challenge:

Thank God for the privilege of partnership with others in prayer, and ask God to put in your heart a desire to pray regularly for the person(s) or entity.

Next Step

Ask God to put in your heart a desire to take action in prayer on behalf of the specific person(s) or entity today.