Discipleship Initiative

We believe the Lord has called us to grow in discipleship this year as a church body. We believed that he has called and commissioned each person in the body to be a disciple who is making disciples. The Multiply Movement is a discipleship tool we have chosen for each person at Christian Assembly to go through with a discipleship partner.

Multiply movement

To access all the Multiply Movement discipleship materials please click the link below. There you will find the book that you will go through with your discipleship partner each week. You can download the eBook for free and each week's reading has a "listen" option along with an introduction video.


register your partnership

If you already have a discipleship partnership established, please fill out the form to register. 

Request a discipleship partner

If you need help finding a partner we can help you pair up with someone.

If you have questions please contact Pastor Jeremy at jgligora@christianassembly.com.