May 1 – (Acts 3:1-10) Which was more important to the lame man – getting some alms or being healed?  Which do we look for in our everyday living – the temporary fix or the permanent healing?  Selah

May 2 – (Acts 3:11-26) These verses contain Peter’s second sermon in the temple area.  It is primarily a call for Jews to repent of their rejection of Jesus as Messiah.  I’m asking myself what part of “Jesus as Messiah” have I rejected.  Selah

                In verse 15, you see words like: “you killed…God raised…we are witnesses”. These words remind us that Jesus has just died and was victoriously resurrected and the Holy Spirit has come.  Those believing in Jesus are getting the word out.  It is bringing understanding and perspective to what has just happened. It is the beginning for the church of Jesus Christ. 

May 3 – (Acts 4:1-22) Peter and John has healed a man in Jesus’ name.  The rulers, elders, scribes, and high priest are standing around waiting to hear Peter’s explanation.  Who else was there to hear what Jesus had done (vv. 5-12)?  Do you ever get a picture of the rulers or high priests’ families being in on their “fathers’ work”?  Even in this I am amazed how God puts those He wants in the hearing of the gospel!  Never under estimate how God has and is working to make Himself known to us!

May 4 – (Acts 4:23-31) In this passage, the believers prayed quoting Ps. 2:1-2, which is messianic prophecy.   Their prayer for boldness (v. 29) to witness shows a determination to disobey the Sanhedrin’s command and be faithful to their witness. The Sanhedrin was the religious head. They were essentially praying to disobey those in authority over them.  God answered their prayer by infusing them again with the Holy Spirit.  How does that relate to the pressure we might be feeling not to “rock the boat” with our witness?  Selah

May 5 – (Acts 4:32-37) Who is a “Barnabas” in your life?  Let them know today.  Maybe you are the “Barnabas” in others’ lives.  Thank you so very much!!!  My learning curve is to let the Holy Spirit become more and more a “Barnabas” (it’s becoming more led by what the Holy Spirit says about me and my doings and not people) in my head and spirit!

May 6 – (Acts 5:1-11) Did you notice at the end of chapter 4, Barnabas sold some land and gave it to the church to disperse.  Then we have Ananias and Sapphira doing the same thing with a different ending.  Were they trying to copy Barnabas and get the same reward (being an encourager)?  After reading the account of Ananias and Sapphira did you get what that experience was saying?  Was it that they didn’t go by the rule of giving ALL they had to the church?  Was it even that they consorted to lie to the Apostles?  No, death came when they lied to the Holy Spirit.  How often do we “rationalize” a sin in our heads or even to others? Ultimately who are we lying to? How I see it:  I have died in my relationship with God in that little area.  Thank God He has made a way of repentance and restores me back even in that little area when I admit my sin and turn from it! 

May 7 – (Acts 5:12-16) The Christians had prayed for God to grant them the power to perform signs and wonders (4:30).  This was mightily fulfilled through the apostles, especially in the events taking place in Solomon’s Portico, where the believers often witnessed. This is only a small portion of the power of the Holy Spirit God wants us to have.  Selah