June 26– (Acts 16:11-24) Verse 13 intrigued me. They went outside the city to pray. They sat down by the riverside with the women there.  Interesting.  I pictured woman doing laundry.  I also supposed it was a place where men and especially leaders of that area would not be. In this humble place, strong supporter for Paul and Christians would find the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  God can use every place we are to draw “all men (and women)” to Him!

June 27 – (Acts 16:25-40) Paul and Silas were praising God in jail and an earthquake freed all the prisoners vv. 25-34).  Isn’t the greater miracle that none of the prisoners left the jail?  Read verses 25 again. Could it have been that the worship and presence of God was so real that the prisoners felt it and didn’t want to leave God’s presence? Now that’s the power of praise and worship!

                Paul used his Roman citizenship to deal with the magistrates.  Was Barnabas (the one Paul did not want to bring along) a Roman as well?  Could this have been the reason Paul and Barnabas went separate ways?  Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it gives me cause to remember again that God allows only good for us as His children.  Selah!

DID YOU KNOW? Silas was a Judean Christian and a leader in the Jerusalem church.  He is known by the name “Silvanus” in the N.T. epistles.  He worked closely with the apostle Peter, and delivered Peter’s first letter to its recipients in Asia Minor (I Pet. 5:12)

June 28 – (Acts 17:1-9) Did you notice how Jason and the followers were “let go”?  I’ve heard personal stories of missionaries having to buy their way out of situations.  My “concrete thinking” struggles with that sometimes, yet here God has put it in the scriptures.  It amazes me how my belief system about certain things can be so messed up.  It also amazes me how God’s Word reveals those “messed up” areas and what thinking needs to change.  Want to share something that the Lord has shown you that needs to change in your thinking or belief system?

June 29 – (Acts 17:10-21) We again have mention of leading (prominent) women coming to believe in Jesus.  I would love to know how they impacted the immerging “church”. I am reminded again that all women are born leaders.  It may not seem that way but the fact that we were given the awesome responsibility and privilege to bear children shows us that.  God would not have created us to “grow” children in the womb and not “grow” them in this world to reflect His likeness and for His Glory.  I’m sure you can affirm children need to be lead! Selah

June 30 – (Acts 17:22-34) No matter where Paul was led to tell the gospel, He adapted to the crowd just enough to “get on their level” so they could apply what they were hearing.  The people of Athens had so many gods they worshipped.  Paul understood where they were coming from, what their felt needs were and spoke to them from that point.  If we are to reach our world today, we would be prudent to do the same.  Selah

July 1 – (Acts 18:1-17) We know that the Jews have been scattered many times throughout history.  Here are two familiar names connected with Paul because they were “scattered” yet again.  What were their familiar names (vv. 1-4)?  Do you see how their “uprooting” caused something good in their lives as well as their new neighbors?

                Was Paul ever afraid (vv. 9-11)? What did it take to give him courage to carry on?  This reminds me that God knows what we need and will always supply us.  (Phil 4:19)

July 2 – (Acts 18:18-28) Sponsored by the church in Antioch of Syria, Paul begins his third missionary journey in the spring of A.D. 52 (18:23-21:16). He traveled by foot through the region of his first mission on into Galatia and Phrygia.  On the second missionary journey the Spirit had prevented him from continuing west into Asia (16:6).  This time Paul heads directly west toward Ephesus.  It always helps me to get a map of his journeys so I have a visual.