Aug. 14 – (1 Cor. 10:14-33) What comparisons and contrasts are found between the Christian celebration of Communion and eating at the pagan temple? What is the difference between eating meat offered to idols and eating at a pagan temple?  Can you relate these differences to our life today?  Every word in the Word is relevant to us today.  Some are just more difficult to understand how it relates to us…. but it’s there!

Aug. 15 – (1 Cor. 11:1-16) Go to a different culture and you will observe different (and sometimes subtle) pressures and constraints in actions and in dress or hair style. As you read this passage think about our culture and how we may not be consistent.  Most churches have stopped putting pressure on women to wear a covering in church, but nobody thinks it’s odd that we still pressure men not to wear hats in church.  Just something to think about as we try to get an understanding of what is ‘best’ in God’s eyes!

Aug. 16 – (1 Cor. 11:17-34) This part of the chapter is about the Lord’s Supper.  We all know it is important to remember what Jesus did for us.  Sometimes our repeated activities become mundane and just actions we go through.  Let’s read this again like it is for the first time.  God, our Father, loved us the most by sending His Son, Jesus to die for our sins.  His resurrection released all our sins as we accept Him.  It is the most wonderful act of love…. ever! 

Aug. 17 – (1 Cor. 12:1-11) I am most passionate about believers understanding and walking in what gifts God has given them individually.  There are several types of gifts God has put in us individually so we can ‘minister’ to those specific people in our everyday life to show His Glory and reality.  This passage is talking about spiritual gifts (gifts given by the Holy Spirit).  List the different spiritual gifts noted here. Does God give all of them to everyone?  Is there anyone He totally withholds from?  Is any ‘more important’ than another?  Since the Holy Spirit gives us at least one of these, how are we to use them as the body of Christ working as ONE?  It’s very important to answer these questions before you go any further.  May you be honest in your assessment.

Aug. 18 – (1 Cor. 12:12-31) By the end of this chapter, Paul will be listing some spiritual gifts (or body parts).  What gifts do Christians tend to regard as more important than others? What are some practical ways you have seen 12:26 in action? Paul is insisting that every member is just as important as any other member.  It’s like he is describing how the hand will bandage the injured foot and the foot will take the injured head to the hospital.  WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER!

What part are you in the body of Christ?  Have you ever thought about it?  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you if you don’t already know.  He will show you…because He made you for that purpose.  Your gifts, talents, abilities, and interests are all in you for this purpose.  I would love to know what part you are and how that plays out in the body!  Please share!!!

Aug. 19 – (1 Cor. 13) This chapter is more like a slow movement of a symphony whose first movement is chapter 12 and whose final movement is chapter 14.  Paul is teaching it as a symphony about corporate worship of the church, especially about the use of different gifts by different members of the worshiping congregation.  Consider the things which Paul calls less important than love (vv. 1-3).  How are each of these connected to the topics mentioned in chapters 11 and 12?  Here is a description of what love is…and what love is not (vv. 4-8 a). What do the verses 8-13 promise about the future?  Why do you think love is greater than either faith or hope? 

Oh, to have God’s love for every person we meet… and for ourselves!  As you read through these items, which one are you the best at (if you could choose)?  Thank God for His work, He has done in you!  Which is the hardest to be evident in you?  Ask God for new revelation about that area so you can continue to be “changed into the image of Christ”.  Remember sanctification (renewing the mind) is an ongoing process! 

Aug. 20 – (1 Cor. 14:1-25) Paul is speaking about the gift of tongues and prophecy and what edifies the individual as opposed to what edifies the corporate body.  Maybe it’s just my personality but I think we tend to not want to develop (and it does need developing) either. I think Paul is saying we need to develop both (what edifies individually and corporately) so that in love it will be used to build us up in Him.  That is our journey… to be more like Him as a corporate body and as an individual part!