Sept. 11 – (I Tim. 1:1-11) Paul wrote I Timothy to advise his coworker Timothy about issues that may cause our lives to go off course.  False Teachers are the main cause for the letter.  Their teaching apparently involved incorrect assumptions about the law (1:7-11) and not allowing marriage and certain foods (4:1-5).  Paul’s real concern is with the results of the false teaching.  For example, it promotes mere theories over solid truth (1:4; 6:4).  It also leads to arrogance (6:4) and greed 6:5-10).  Paul focuses on the fact that true Christianity is shown in lifestyles shaped by the gospel.  Those whose lives are not shaped by the gospel have turned away from the faith.  At C.A., we have been emphasizing and learning about how to reach the world around us.  Let’s see how we can learn from Paul concerning helping us in that “reach”.

                 In First and Second Timothy, Paul is encouraging a spiritual son in the things of the Lord.  How does Paul sum up a whole way of life (v. 5)?

                Paul also says some are getting sidetracked by myths, endless genealogies, disputes and foolish talk (vv. 4-6). I got a hint of what Paul was saying: “Be led by the Holy Spirit not just knowing and obeying the Law.  Are any of these sidetracks for you in your foundation of faith?  Ask the Lord to show you if you are unaware of certain “worldly” ideas that don’t line up with the Word and then purpose to make a change in your thinking.

 Sept. 12 – (I Tim. 1:12-20) Paul is explaining the contrast between his former life and his now committed life.  Why did Paul say he received such mercy from God (vv. 15-16)?

                Paul is writing about God’s mercy aimed at him.  He was so overwhelmed that he bursts into exuberant praise (v. 17).  Oh, that we all would appreciate God’s mercy aimed at each one of us!

                What is Paul’s charge then to Timothy (vv. 18-19)? Who was an example of not using faith and good conscious? What was the result of their actions? 

Sept. 13 – (I Tim. 2:1-7) Do you pray for all people? I must admit, I am struggling today.  How do you pray for someone who is offended by what God is doing, acting like a child who gets mad, takes their toys and goes home? With a very heavy heart, I will obey His Word with supplications, prayers, intercessions, and yes even thanksgiving.  God did not promise disappointments, pain, and suffering… He promised to be with us.  I will settle on that today.  Pastor Sam used to say, “Sometimes we have to put a concern on the shelf for a while.”  Pastor Torry has said, “We have to trust in every circumstance, that God is good, God does only good, and God only has good in mind for each of us His children.” SELAH

Sept. 14 – (I Tim. 2:8-15) Over the years, this passage has created controversy especially with women’s rights and the changing role of a woman.  I can see how these verses can be misinterpreted and some practices have resulted in that misinterpretation.  Let’s look again at verses 8-10.  What are men supposed to be like? Does praying everywhere without anger or disputing exemplify men today?

 What are women supposed to be like? Do women live up to this?  Of course, I would rather that Paul had not gotten into specifics for the woman but the bottom line is that she should wear modest apparel.  Would anyone disagree with that?  What does it mean to adorn oneself with good works?  Selah

Sept. 15 – (I Tim. 3:1-7) Paul often describes the church as “the household of God” (3:4-5, 12, 15; Gal. 6:10; Eph. 2:19). This means that the church is God’s family, and its members are brothers and sisters. Also, just like a family, there are certain roles and responsibilities for its members. Where do you fit into the church family? 

Sept. 16 – (I Tim. 3:8-16) Is Paul saying that there is one set of standards of behavior for leaders and another for everyone else?  (This is a good point for all of us to ponder.)

                How does Paul get across the idea that members of the church should show the same character and behavior as its leaders (v.15)?

Sept. 17 – (I Tim. 4:1-5) Paul said some would depart from the truth in latter times.  Do you know of anyone that has done just that?  How do you treat them or think of them?  How do you pray for them? 

I have a friend who is unchurched, (I still have not gotten down to the reasons) but the other day she was so distraught because a relative was getting married in an ungodly way (according to her).  She understood this relative who was a Christian had been brutally raped and since then had moved away from God.  Though my friend could not go to church, she desperately wanted us and our church to pray for her relative.  There are sooo many ways the enemy can pull us away but God is faithful…always!  Please pray for them as you consider how this passage and my life experience apply.  Also, if I ever hear of a restoration (in this situation or the one I spoke of on 9/13) , I will be sure and let you know so we can rejoice together!

                Why does Paul say everything God created is good and should be received with thanksgiving (vv. 4-5)?