Dec. 31 – (Gen. 1:1-5) In December, we studied the beginning of our Savior on earth. Now I would like to study the beginning of life on earth. Verse one shows us God created time (“In the beginning”), space (“God created the heavens”), and mass (“and the earth”) before organizing anything to put in it. We all recognize how most wise our God is. This is just another reminder. Genesis 1:1 tells the beginning of the beginning of creation. Jesus shows us the beginning of a new life when we accept Him as Savior. When we ask Jesus into our hearts it is that clean fresh slate of the beginning of the beginning of a new life in Jesus!  Oh, if we could just realize in our thoughts and actions that the slate is wiped clean!  That’s called sanctification and reading His Word helps tremendously in that!  It’s called the washing in the water of the Word!  Read on dear pilgrim and become more and more like Christ! 😊

                Day 1 of creation is the bringing of light to the darkness.  He is setting up time into day and night as well as giving us a glimpse of what His Light will do to our darkness!  Selah 

Jan. 1 – (Gen. 1:6-13) As the light was separated from darkness, so the waters are separated to from an expanse, which God calls Heaven.  It’s hard to find an English word that translates the precise meaning. It does refer to what humans see above them, the region that contains both heavenly lights (vv. 14-17) and birds (v.20). God also organizes two further regions: the dry land forming the Earth and the waters, forming Seas. He then creates vegetation on the Earth. This is Day 3.  

Jan. 2 – (Gen. 1:14-19) On Day 4 God the sun and moon to mark days and nights.  Some believe the author said, “greater light” and “lesser light” so that future people could not link the names “sun” and “moon” to pagan gods.  This reminds me of all the “words” we can no longer use because the world has tainted them with pagan thoughts or sinful actions.  Don’t get me on my soapbox! 

Jan. 3 – (Gen. 1:20-23) On Day 5 God creates sea creatures and air creatures to fill the waters and the air. God is the perfect creator/organizer!  What if He created the sea creatures and birds before the vegetation?  What would they eat? There are so many revelations of God’s creativity beyond what we see recorded.

Jan. 4 – (Gen. 1:24-27) On Day 6 God begins by creating animals of every kind. He then created us!  God made us in His image and after His likeness. Here is something to consider. At this point we don’t have a body just a spirit (see verses 5-9).  This translates that dominion was not given to flesh but to spirit.  That gives us an understanding why doing things in the flesh always gets us into trouble.  

Jan. 5 – (Gen. 1:27-31) And God blessed them! God knew what was to come starting with His first human creation on down through all the ages to us…and yet God blessed them!  What I want to remember when we feel we are failing God, is that He blesses us even when we will sin against Him.  And it’s all because of Jesus that He sees us righteous!  Thank you, Jesus!  

Jan. 6 – (Gen. 2:1-3) On Day 7 God rests from all the work He had done.  This is a health lesson for us but is so much more (Isn’t it always so much more?).   I have always heard the word “rest” for God’s actions on the 7th day. It should read “desisted from all His work”.   For God it was the 7th day. Sabbath means “the day of desistance” not the “7th day”.  Jesus said, “Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy” not the 7th day. So, one day every 7 days, we are to have a sabbath day. It should be a day dedicated to the Lord and not to man (making money). Typically, we choose Sunday, but the Jewish culture picks Saturday. Many now work on Sunday and Saturday but have a weekday off.  Sometimes we have to rethink what we have always believed as it may have some erroneous parts to it.  Isn’t that what renewing the mind is all about?  Anyway I see that God desisted from creating to spent time with us, His creation. He wanted to enjoy all that He had made.  He enjoys us!