For the next couple weeks Mrs. Sharon Thrower will be leading us in a study on the attributes of God.  Let's study to know Him better! 

Dates:  March 19-25

Attributes of God

Over the next nine days, we will be studying about the attributes of God.  According to, an attribute is:  a feature, describes an aspect, character, characteristic of a person or thing.  It is something attributed as belonging to a person, thing, or group.

In simple terms, as it relates to God; an attribute describes what God is like.  The more you know what God is like, and the more you spend time with Him; the more you will begin to know God personally.

March 19th:  God Is Ever-present:  Read: Psalm 139:7-12

 This Psalm was one of many written by King David. David was one who totally depended upon God.  He trusted and loved God.  He worshiped and adored God.  No matter what situation or circumstance that David found himself in, he knew that God was always present. Psalm 139 reveals God’s Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotent (all power), and Omnipresence (ever present and everywhere present).  The God we worship is not just in one place, He is everywhere.

The nature of God is that He who is within us, at the same time can be above and beyond us.  God is not just a mere observer, but He is an ever-present Help in times of trouble.    

Read I Corinthians 6:16. God is intimately involved and very much acquainted with the lives of His children.  If you belong to God, then He indwells you.  This means that Christ literally goes with you, wherever you go. He is deeply embedded in your heart.  When you need Him, He is always there.  God not only cares for you, but He lives within you as a sensitive Presence, an unseen Guest, and a silent Participant in every act that you partake in.

Today’s application: Reread today's scriptures. Make a conscience effort to be mindful of His Presence.  Acknowledge His presence.  Do your activities today please Him? 

March 20th:  God Is All Powerful, God Is All Knowing

Read Revelation 19:6   God is All Powerful

The Lord our God is not just powerful; He is all-powerful.  This means He has all power.  God controls all the power in the universe.  He is the source of all power.  He is Omnipotent.  This word can be broken up into two parts.  Omni meaning all, and potency meaning power.  God’s power is greater than the laws of the universe, which He established.  Pause and read Matthew 28:18, what does Jesus say?  Jesus has that power because He is also God.

All power belongs to God.  His power is eternal, infinite, and incomprehensible.  God’s power cannot be restrained, checked, withstood, or frustrated.  No power on earth can match God’s power.

God’s power is greater than the devil’s power.  You must never let the enemy deceive you into thinking that God cannot help you, rescue you, save you or deliver you.  Satan is powerless compared with God.  There is nothing that can equal God’s power.  Read Daniel 4: 35.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  God is also all powerful in the past, present and future!

God is All Knowing :   Read Hebrews 4: 12,13

 God knows everything.  There is nothing that God does not know.  He knows what is happening now, what has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future.  He is omniscience, which means all knowing.

God does not forget. He alone knows how much of what to mix together to make a wonderful outcome for our lives. 

His perfect knowledge is available to any believer who will seek it and pray.  Read Romans 8:29. What God decides to do beforehand, based on His all-inclusive knowledge, He does!  God, having foreknown you, did predestine you to be conformed to the image of His Son.

Today’s application: Examine your heart and actions.  What is The Holy Spirit bringing to your mind that you need to change?

March 21st:  God Is Sovereign

Read Psalm 100

 Key verse Psalm 100:3 “Know ye not that The Lord, He Is God.  It is He that made us, and not we ourselves.  We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.”

 Psalm 100 says this about God: “It is He that has made us, and not we ourselves.”  Moses, the author of Genesis, expressed this same idea in Genesis 1:1 when he states, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

The word sovereign means “a person who has supreme power or authority.; being above all others in character, importance, excellence.”   He does whatever he pleases whether we like it or not!

 God is God.  No human being can ever be God, for God is greater than His creation.  He who creates, is greater that what or who He creates.  God is sovereign because He is the One who is ultimately in control of His creation.  God has given man the freedom to choose right or wrong, good or evil, God or satan, heaven or hell.  God will not make these choices for us.  He lets us make them ourselves.  But He has also determined what the consequences of our choices will be.

Because God is sovereign, nothing happens until it is filtered through God’s permissive will.  God does not will that certain things will happen; He permits them to happen.  He gives each one of us the choice of whether to choose right or wrong.  It is not His desire, nor is it His will for anyone of us to choose evil.  But when we choose wrong, God permits us to make that choice.

God doesn’t change His mind about what is right and what is wrong.  He doesn’t ask us for our advice.  He never makes a mistake.  He is sovereign, irrepressible, unconquerable, immutable, long and the eternal God of grace.  Nothing happens without His permission.  He gave that permission when He gave us our freedom of choice.

God created people.  He gave us our freedom.  He lets us exercise our freedom.  And in the end, The Sovereign God will judge how we used our freedom.  All God sets out to do, He does.  All He has ever been, He Is.  His will cannot be frustrated.  His church cannot be crushed.  His Word cannot pass away.  His promises cannot fail.  His plans cannot be thwarted.  His power cannot be resisted.  He who created us, who could so easily damn and destroy us; is the very One who cherishes us so much that He gave Himself for us.  He is our Sovereign.

  For today’s application and meditation, click on the link below, and listen to the song entitled “Sovereign” by Darryl Coley, or go to youtube and type in; Sovereign by Darryl Coley.

 Click on: 

March 22nd:  God Is Holy

Read:  Leviticus 19:2 and Leviticus 11:44

 The characteristic of holiness describes God and sets Him apart from mankind.  The closest definition that we can come to, describing the Holiness of God is, “having a spiritually pure quality; inspiring fear, awe, sacred.”  The Lord so structured this word holy, as it describes Him, that it defies definition.  Holiness is not of man.  It is not of human invention.  Holiness, as it relates to God, is above sin.  That which is sinful cannot be holy.

God’s holiness acts as a balance to other aspects of His nature.  Though He is a God of love, The Lord is constrained to set Himself completely against sin and sinners.  Everything that God has created is set in motion against sin.  If we break God’s laws, we will suffer.  God loves us and wants to redeem us.  But God’s holy nature will not tolerate our opposition to Him.  Sin and disobedience are in opposition to God.

If we love Him who first loved us, then we would want to be more like Him.  Read Romans 12:1. There should be no halfway, halfhearted reaction to the holiness of God.  God does not want an unclear response to His holiness.  The holiness of God demands clear-cut decisions. God has placed His unalterable stand of difference between clean and unclean; right and wrong; obedience and disobedience; sinful living and right living.

Read Isaiah 6:1-6.  After Isaiah saw the holiness of God, he was never the same.  Nothing will change our lives like an insight into God’s holiness.  The gap between God’s holiness and our unholiness can be bridged.  By believing and trusting God, through Jesus Christ, the gulf between our unholiness and God’s holiness can be crossed.  Because of God’s imputed righteousness, we can be justified before our holy God.  God reaches out to us in love. Read Psalm 111:9. God’s Son shed His blood on the cross to save people from their sins, and to move them from sinfulness toward holiness.  We cannot worship our holy God apart from the imputed rightness of His amazing grace. The word imputed means to attribute/give righteousness to us because of Christ’s dying for our sins. We are declared right before God because Jesus paid the price for us.

For today’s application, click on the below link.  Listen to the song, “Lord, You’re Holy,” by Mississippi Mass Choir. Or go to youtube, and type in the name of the song and the name of the mentioned choir. Worship God’s holiness. Click below: 

March 23rd:  God Is Unchanging

Read:  Malachi 3:6 and James 1:17

 God does not change!  He Is the same as He was in the beginning, and He will be the same forevermore.   God is immutable, which means permanent and unchanging.  He can be depended on to be what He has always been.  His word, His laws, His Holiness, His love, and His sovereignty will not change.   

People can be fickle and they change a lot, but you can depend upon the fact that God will never change.  God is still in control.  No matter what is going on in our lives, this nation, or in the world, God is in control.  He does not change.

 God can be counted on, and He is always the Victor!  He is the stable factor in the universe.  His Word is the accurate record of His unchanging, immutable nature.  What He determines in His holiness and sovereignty, He accomplishes in His love and power.  We can depend and rely upon God.

God is forever the same.  His love is eternal.  His mercy never ceases.  He never sleeps, yet He is never tired.  His provision for us is never diminished.  He meets all of our needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.  Our faith should rest in our unchanging God.  Only God is secure.  Only God is unchanging.

Today’s application:  Make a list of things that does not change about God.  Make a list of things that do need to change about you.  Now, ask the Holy Spirit to help you to make those changes in your life.

March 24th: God Is Just

Read:  Isaiah 45:21, Psalm 11:7, Romans 1:17

 The definition of the word just is: guided by truth, reasons, justice and fairness; done according to principle; based on right, lawful; in keeping with truth; righteous.

When we speak of God as being just, it is another way of saying that God is righteous.  His just and righteous nature work constantly to balance the scales of justice for His creation.

To say that God is just, means that God’s ways are the very essence of justice.  God is the definition of what it means to do justly and walk uprightly.  To say that God is just, is also another way of saying that God is fair.  He is set apart from all mankind in His holiness, sovereignty, and His absolute rulership.

As a just God, He is generous, exhibits loving kindness, as well as understanding.  He is our Judge.  Our judgement from Him will be based upon our faith in His Son Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of The Father.  Jesus, for us sinners, became a man and died for us.  He was resurrected, so that we may have eternal life.  Read I John 5:11-13.

The greatest indication of the just nature of our God was the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God has taken His just nature, and justified us to Himself through Jesus Christ.  Read Romans 5:1. The word justify means to stand in a state of rightness before God.  It is just as though I had never sinned.  Justification is a state, a standing, a possession of righteousness wherein, I appear in the Father’s eyes in a state of absolute perfection on the basis of His imputed righteousness.  If we are justified, we are accepted in the beloved. (Ephesians 1:6)

 Today’s application:  In your own words, write what it means that God is just. 

March 25th:  God Is Faithful

Read:  Psalm 46:1,2; Psalm 71:3; Psalm 36:7

 The word faithful means:  true to one’s word, promises, vows; loyal, steady in allegiance or affections; reliable, trusted, or believed; true, righteous.

God is faithful.  He does what He promises to do.  What He says, He does! 

God’s love is dependable.  He has revealed His purposes to us: through His Word, through the life of Christ, and through the help and leading of His Indwelling Spirit.  God is at work in our lives, even when we don’t realize it.  He also works in our lives and in our behalf, when we call upon Him to help us.

God gives us the strength to face up to those moments and times when life is not what we want it to be.  He gives us the strength to take the bad moments, and turn them into better situations.  God has a higher purpose for our lives than we are able to understand.

God is not our servant, answering to our beck and call.  This is not what it means when we say that, God is faithful.  God is faithful to His Word.  There are times when we go through those rough and tough seasons of life.  Sometimes we may feel that God does not appear to come through with what we have asked.  But that is from our perspective.  From God’s perspective, the answer may be different.  God is faithful to His purpose for our lives.

Assignment:  Think of a time in your life when God was faithful to you.  Write Him a thank you note for His faithfulness during that season of your life.