4/2-8/18  The Benefits of The Cross

April 2nd: Salvation

Read:  Acts 4:1-12

When we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, there are so many benefits that come with that decision.  In this week’s study, we will look at some of those benefits. The format of study for this week, will be a little different.  You will need your Bible, pencil and paper.  Let’s begin.

The word salvation, is translated from the Greek word, soteria.  It has many meanings attached to it. Look up the following Scriptures, and write down what our salvation is associated with, from that Scripture.

1.          Luke 1:77; Romans 10:10:

2.         Acts 4:12; Acts 27:34:

3.         Romans 13:11; Philippians 1:19, 28; I Peter 1:5,9:

4.         Luke 1:71

Salvation cannot and is not limited to the initial stage of redemption, which is forgiveness of sins.  Salvation includes so much more.  Salvation is deliverance from and preservation from destruction and judgement. Salvation means being saved from enemies and delivery from bondages. 

Salvation includes healing from physical infirmities, and all kinds of deliverances.  Salvation includes complete and final deliverance from all of the curse including death (separation from God for all eternity).

Salvation includes rejuvenation, answered prayer, hope, forgiveness of sins, full deliverance from the curse, soundness and eternal life with God.

Wow!!!!!  What do you think about that?

Journal your thoughts:


April 3rd:  The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is another benefit of the work that Christ has done for us, as a result of His dying for us on the cross.  When we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, The Holy Spirit comes into our hearts, and lives inside of us.  For this study, look up the following Scriptures and write down the things that He does for us.  This is only a partial list.


5.         He _____________ things to men. (I Corinthians 2:10,11)

6.         The Holy Spirit ____________________ us. (Nehemiah 9:20)

7.         He can be _________________________. (Psalms 106:33)

8.         He is The Spirit of ______________________________________________ (Isaiah 11:2)

9.         The Holy Spirit can be_______________________ (Isaiah 63:10)

10.    He is called the Spirit of _____________________ (John 14:17)

11.    He will ____________________ you all things. (John 14:26)

12.    He will bring things to your ____________________________ (John 14:26)

13.    The Holy Spirit gives __________________ to men. (Luke 24:45)

14.    He will _________________ you in prayer. (Romans 8:26)

15.    The Holy Spirit ______________ the things of God. (I Corinthians 2:11)

As, you can see, The Holy Spirit does so many things for the Believer.

He indwells us, reveals things to us, brings things to our remembrance.  He is The Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel and might.  He can be grieved and provoked.  The Holy Spirit imparts power to us.  He helps us to pray and knows the things of God.  The Bible tells us not to grieve The Holy Spirit.  We do this when we ignore His promptings, walk in disobedience, walk in unforgiveness towards others, and harbor sin in our lives.  What are some other things that The Holy Spirit does for us?  Feel free to consult with a study buddy. 

April 4th:  The Fruit and Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Let us continue to look at more of the benefits and blessings of being saved. When we are born again, and receive Christ into our lives as our Lord and Savior; The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us. The fruit of The Spirit is the manifestation of a spiritual life; a Spirit-led life. 

If The Holy Spirit is in control and leading your life, you will exhibit evidence or fruit of His control.  Read Galatians 5: 22,23.  List the Fruit of The Spirit below.


At conversion, when we are born again, The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us; He then gives us spiritual gifts.  These gifts are given to every believer to empower him/her to serve God.  A spiritual gift is a Spirit-given ability for Christian service.  God is a God of variety.  There are many gifts.

Read Romans 12:3-8; I Corinthians 12:8-10, 28-30; Ephesians 4:10-13.  List all the spiritual gifts.


Spiritual gifts have a single source and purpose.  They are given by The Holy Spirit to be used to minister to others. We are blessed, in order for us to be a blessing to others. 

April 5th:  Communion with God

Read:  John 15:7; I John 5:14,15; John 14:6,13,14

Communion and communication with God are two more benefits of our salvation.  Prayer and The Word of God are inseparable.  In God’s Word, He speaks to us.  In prayer, we speak to God. Prayer is communion with God. It is both speaking and listening to God. Our relationship with God our heavenly Father, should be a relationship of complete trust.  The prayer life of the Christian is essential.

The God who created us and loved us so much, sent His only begotten Son to die for us.  It is God, who in spite of our sin and lack of love for Him, has done everything for us.  He now waits for us to come to Him in prayer.  It is a privilege to pray.  There is power in prayer and promises connected to prayer.

Through the Bible, God communicates and reveals Himself to us.  We need to study The Word of God to, not only know His heart about a matter; but to also experience the Power of His Word in our life.

Look up the following Scriptures:

16.     Hebrew 5:13, Philippians 2:16, Ephesians 6:17 tells us what God’s Word is: ____________________________________________________

17.    1 John 2:5; John 12:48; Romans 10:17; John 15:3; tells us what God’s Word does: __________________________________________________

As you study the Bible with reverence, awe, expectancy and with a willing mind; God will speak to you. Communion and relationship with God is another benefit of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

For the past few days, we have looked at the benefits and blessings of Christ’s work on the cross.  There are so many more.  When we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, we get a new family.  We become a part of God’s family.  We become part of a covenant relationship with God.  We are given angelic protection and ministry.  We are given a new character, a new Commander, a new identity, and a new destiny.  We were condemned, but now we are forgiven.  We were sinners, and now we are saints!!!  Praise God!!!!!  Give Him glory!!!!!!!!!!!

April 6th: A Heart Longing for God

Read: Psalm 42

God wants us to pursue Him with a thirsty heart.  He loves us so intently.  He gave His Son to die for us.  In every human being, there is a strong desire to worship something.  God put that desire in us, for Him.  There is a deep thirst within each of us for God, which resides at the core of our being.  You will never pursue God with all of your heart until you become intensely aware of that deep inner thirst.

In today’s Scripture reading, the Psalmist described a deer craving for water during a prolonged drought, after being chased.  The Psalmist said that his heart panted, longed, and craved for God.  The Hebrew word used in this verse suggests a desire so intense, that you could almost hear it.

Do you pant, long for, or desire God in the way the psalmist described?  Do you pursue Him in such a way that everything else in your life takes a back seat? God wants us to love Him as much as He loves us.  He wants us to desire Him.  God wants us to appreciate Him. He wants us to obey Him.  He wants a close relationship with us.  God wants us to get rid of all that hinders our pursuit of Him.

Read Psalm 73:15-28; Psalm 27:4; 2 Chronicles 15:15

What was the psalmist’s confession?


What happened when Israel sought the Lord wholeheartedly?


What is your response to God?


April 7th:  God’s Way or Our Way?  We must Choose

Read:  Psalm 85

God, our Divine Shepherd seeks to lead us in the paths that are right.  But, so often we are stubborn, self-centered, and self-willed.  We often decline to follow God’s leading.  We prefer our own way even though it may lead us straight into trouble.

What is so sad and challenging is the fact that many of us, will strongly deny that we are going our own way.  God is calling us into obedience.  He knows the way that we should take.  He wants us to give up our self-centeredness before we fall into serious trouble.

Anytime that we allow self-interest to be primary over God’s way, the result is self-destruction.  The self-centered soon becomes self-disruptive and the self-destructive.

God wants us to be led by His Spirit.  His Spirit will show us how to truly live.  He will help us to live God’s way.  God’s way is always the best way.  But, He will never take away our choice.  We must choose His way.  He wants us to willingly choose His best for our lives.

Read Proverbs 14:12; Colossians 3; Galatians 2:20; Romans 6:11.

What was Paul’s confession?


List some characteristics to an unselfish life:


April 8th:  Think on God’s ways

Read:  Psalm 119:59; I Peter 1:13

Our minds can lead us to the throne of God, or to the bottomless pit.  Where our minds wander, we follow.  Where thoughts linger, life settles down.  To control our lives, we must direct our minds.  Mistakes in our judgement teach us that the cause of such misfortunes is, failure to think first about what we do or say.  Zeal pushes us to act before considering the circumstances and the consequences.

The psalmist considered the two ways. We must daily turn our thinking Godward; through Bible study, prayer, wholesome reading, meditation, and guarding what we watch and do.  The thoughts of our minds are reflected in our actions, and Paul tells us to keep our minds on things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and gracious.

Our minds can help us live witnessing Christian lives.  We must ask Jesus to take possession of our minds as we remember the past, resolve the future and reflect on the present.  We must ask Him to enlarge our minds to be able to think His thoughts and translate them into deeds of love. God ultimately wants us to get rid of stinking thinking!  He wants us to have righteous reasonings!

What are your thoughts right now?  Write them into a prayer.  Pray them to God.