Why study the book of Joshua?  We have just been reminded that Jesus gained victory over sin.  We know He did that so we could be victorious over sin as well.  The book of Joshua is a book of battles.  Do you have battles in your life?  It is a book for soldiers.  Are you in the Lord’s army?  Do we dare to win God’s way? What applied then, applies today.  Those who faithfully listen to the Holy Spirit with faith to hear and do, will conquer!  This book helps us understand what that victorious living looks like. It helps us see the things we should do (or not do). 

                The book of Joshua comes immediately after the Pentateuch and in many ways, completes its story.  The theme of the first five books of the Bible is the progressive fulfillment of the “patriarchal promise,” made first to Abraham (Gen. 23:2-4) and repeated to his son Isaac (Gen. 26:2-4) and his grandson Jacob (Gen. 28:13-15). The Lord promised Abraham and his descendants that they would be blessed and would become a blessing to others, that they would grow to become a great nation, they would be given a land of their own- and that these blessings would be enjoyed within a close covenant relationship with God. God has made the same promise to us. 

Apr. 9 – (Josh. 1:1-9) Israel’s direction is making a big turn.  They have gone from slaves, to nomads and now they’re coming into a promised land they get to call home…. after they conquer it!    Joshua is a book of battles. He and the Israelites will learn what to fight against, what to conquer, and how to conquer.   God will show them.  It would be great to list the details of each battle and what went well and then what went wrong and why.  It is a lesson to all of us how to war against our flesh and allow God to guide us into transforming victory.  Josh. 1:9 b can be our battle cry!  “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!”

Apr. 10 – (Josh. 1:10-18) Joshua is giving his leaders instructions for going into the promised land in three days.  Sounds good!  Verse 16 gives their response to Joshua.  On the surface it looks like they are saying all the right things. They even are praying that Joshua will have as much favor in God’s eyes as Moses did. Just one little glitch. They are still wanting someone telling them what to do instead of hearing directly from God.  It is so important for us to hear from God through His Holy Spirit. Yes, we get inspiration from sermons and music etc. but when he speaks directly to us we have the purest message.  Selah

Apr. 11 – (Josh. 2:1-14) Here we have the story of Rahab hiding the spies that were sent into Jericho to see what they were up against.  As I am reading, I realize they decided to spend the night at a prostitute’s house. Hmm.   Would any “good” Christian do that today? Then I get to the end of this passage. Rahab is asking for mercy when this inevitably happens…Israel takes over the city.  What is their response?  If you help us, “Our life for yours even to death”! Doesn’t that sound like Jesus?  Jesus died just as much for me as for the prostitute. My sins equal another’s sins for which Jesus died and rose victorious!  Praise Him Forever! 

Apr. 12 – (Josh. 2:15-24) I just realized that Rahab told the spies to hide 3 days.  We just related the previous verses to Jesus dying and 3 days later rising victorious over sin! When the spies got back successfully, to Joshua (after doing what Rahab suggested), they had a whole different viewpoint about the challenge ahead (they had a good report to deliver). Have you ever encountered a challenging situation but through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit, received a whole new and “doable” view to replace the “undo-able” view?  That is what God is asking us to do…rely on Him not try to “fix it” ourselves. God has really been showing me this.  I will have to share sometime…😊

Apr. 13 – (Josh. 3:1-6) Here we have 3 days again!  They went to the Jordan river and stayed there 3 days. Then it was time to move forward out of bondage into their promised land.  God had already reassured Joshua that the land was theirs (1:2-4). And Joshua believed what God had said (1:10,11).  But the report from the two spies added a touch of reality that bolstered his faith.  God knew what His servant needed. And though He had made it very clear that victory was already guaranteed it they met His conditions, yet the Lord allowed Joshua to accumulate some military evidence to make it easier to continue to actively believe God’s promise. Can you relate to this?  Lately God has been showing me some things and as I move in what I believe He is saying, there comes confirmation in several ways to bolster my faith that I actually heard from Him. (I am so thankful!)  Faith and action are my watch words lately!

Apr. 14 - (Josh. 3:7-17) Let us ponder just one verse. In verse 7, God tells Joshua that He will be with Joshua just as He was with Moses. Joshua knew how God was with Moses and directed him.  That had to build confidence in Joshua that he could do what he was called to do.  He had watched Moses for many years and now God was saying He would have the same relationship with him.  Just as Moses was a great mentor-godly example, we too have people who are watching us as to how to live and be victorious in this life.  Selah

Apr. 15 – (Josh. 4:1-10) God had Joshua set up a memorial for all time to remind all who came behind him that God was with them…through it all.  It’s quite a journey so far… yet God knew what would happen way before they lived it out.  Here are the questions I am asking: What memorial stones am I leaving for those who come behind me?  Am I constantly aware that God has gone before me, is with me in each moment, and does things only for my good and His glory? Selah