May 14 – (Josh. 17:1-13) These verses show the allotment given to Manasseh and Ephraim.  Take note that again they did not drive out the Canaanites.  Again, what have we not destroyed in our own lives that will continue to cause problems and sin in our lives? Selah

                DID YOU KNOW?  Megiddo (17:11) was the site of many important OT battles. It was a walled city that guarded the main road that linked Egypt and Syria.  Its setting made Megiddo a strategic military stronghold.  In John’s visions in Revelation, Megiddo represents the global combat zone where the final battle between Christ and Satan will be fought.  The word Armageddon means “Mount Megiddo” (Zech. 12:11; Rev. 16:16)

May 15 – (Josh. 17:14-18) Why did the house of Joseph want more land than Joshua allotted to them?  They had seen victory in destroying the Canaanites and yet did not want to do the work necessary to live comfortably in the land allotted them.  Destroying thoughts that have taken a stand in our minds is not easy but God has given us victory if we do the work necessary.  Selah

May 16 – (Josh. 18: 1-10) Where was the tabernacle of meeting set up?  Remember- this was their only place of worship at the time. If you didn’t go to this “church” you didn’t go to church!

There are still 7 tribes that have not received their inheritance.  Joshua is telling them they have procrastinated long enough.  He then tells them to go into the land and describe what it looks like.  I have to ask myself, what part of my “land” I have not received.  Maybe I need to “take a look” at what my future is supposed to look like and then go for it!  Selah

May 17 – (Josh. 18:11-28) These verses describe the inheritance of Benjamin.  As I am reading where the boundaries were, I’m wondering how they knew exactly where God placed the lines.  Though this was one of the smaller tribes, Benjamin would be significant as the tribe of Israel’s first king, Saul (I Sam. 9:21).  Small beginnings do not compute to small impacts in area of influence!

May 18 – (Josh. 19:1-9) Isn’t this interesting? Simeon’s tribe gets an allotment but the portion given to Judah was too large for them, so the people of Simeon obtained an inheritance in the midst of their inheritance. Selah!

May 19 – (Josh. 19:10-23) As we look at the third lot that came up for the people of Zebulun, we see Bethlehem mentioned. There were two named Bethlehem. This is a northerly village, not the more famous Bethlehem in Judah.  

May 20 – (Josh. 19:24-39) In these verses we see the 5th and 6th lot drawn for the tribe of Asher and of Naphtali.  Even though there are so many unfamiliar names, it’s interesting to see where God places them.  Since God is Good and always has Good for His people.  I tend to dream about any reasoning for all of this placement. Then of course, I ponder “the Good” He has in where I am at this time and place.  Selah