June 18 – (Matt. 6:16-24) Store up treasures in Heaven, not on earth.  Why is it the treasures we seek on earth are sooo tempting while we hardly think about the treasures in Heaven? Today, let’s ponder what treasures await us in Heaven.  What are we really looking forward to there? Maybe that’s the problem, they are so vague that we can’t even picture them, let alone go after them. “Holy Spirit, please show us what treasures You have for us.”

June 19 – (Matt. 6:25-34) Worry is a dominant theme in these verses.  How can we escape worrying about such things as food and clothes? What things do you worry about? If Jesus were beside you right now, what would He say about those things? 

                The Sermon on the Mount tells what we must do to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness (6:33). What does the little word “first” do to our understanding and application of His teaching?

June 20 – (Matt. 7:1-14) Here is a deep pit for many Christians.  Judging others.  For many years I thought that was a Christian’s duty. I think we are in error of His ways. We study the scripture to find the plumb line for how we are to live according to the law.  I believe we are to apply it to ourselves and apply His grace and mercy to renew our minds so our actions become more like what Jesus would do. The error is to judge others according to our beliefs. Isn’t that Jesus’ job? (Judge not, lest you be judged.) What is the difference between judging others and being properly discerning (vv. 1-6)?  In what ways have you seen relationships in the church hurt by Christians judging each other? What would it feel like to live in a community that understood the difference between judging and discerning? Jesus’ laws for the citizens of His kingdom are extremely demanding.  What hope does He provide for help (vv. 7-11)?

June 21 – (Matt. 7:15-29) Have you built your house on a rock?  I know we all say yes because we have accepted Jesus as Savior and study His Word to be more like Him.  As I pondered that, I wonder if part of our house’s foundation may have sand under them.  What happens if a house is not level on a firm foundation?  Jesus ends the Sermon on the mount with a parable.  He draws a dividing line between himself and any other foundation for life.  The evidence of whether one is truly a believer is in whether one does the words of Jesus. Do I do ALL the Words of Jesus? No! So I pray for mercy and grace as I continue the renewing process.  I pray every day we are transforming our foundation to be more and more on that ROCK! 

June 22 – (Matt. 8:1-13) Lepers were outcasts in Jewish society and were required to shout “unclean” wherever they went.  How would you feel if you had to shout your “infirmities” wherever you went? Since we are to imitate Jesus, what empresses you about Jesus’s encounter with the lame man? How can we practice that with those around us? 

                The verse about the centurion’s authority and faith have had a great impact on me.  It had to do with a time when our former pastor (Pastor Sam) was very ill in the hospital.  It is too long to explain now but you can ask me when you see me. 😊 Anyway, it increased my awareness of the authority we have in Jesus.  Jesus was pleased with the centurion’s response (vv. 8-13).  What makes the centurion a good model of faith? 

June 23 – (Matt. 8:14-22) In this passage we see how Jesus respond to would be followers.  From what Jesus says to them, what is He looking for?   Here’s something to think about.  What might Jesus say to you if you walked up to Him today and volunteered to be a disciple? 

June 24 – (Matt. 8:23-34) The disciples’ fear of the furious storm seems natural (vv.23-27).  What furious storms are you facing right now?  What sort of faith is Jesus looking for in His disciples? What sort of faith is He asking of you? 

                After what had happened to the demon-possessed men, the townspeople pleaded with Jesus to leave their region (vv. 28-34).  What are some reasons today why people don’t want Jesus Christ around? What was Jesus’ response? What can be our response when people don’t respond to the Jesus in us?  Selah