June 25 – (Matt. 9:1-13) Did you know Jesus knows your thoughts?  I’m pretty sure you would answer with a yes.  Verse 4 reminded me of that.  If He knew man’s thoughts then, He knows them now.  If we remembered this fact moment by moment, would we allow some of our thoughts patterns to continue?  Let’s try to remember that today and stop some of those useless sinful musings.

                From these verses many have claimed that an illness is the result of sin in their lives and repentance will get rid of the illness.  Though in some cases, our sins do cause illnesses. An example might be stress. It comes from not relying totally on God for whatever we are stressed about and that stress does damage to our body.  All illnesses are a result of “the fall” but I don’t believe that repentance will “cure” all our diseases.  It will bring us into a closer relationship with Him and that in itself is the greatest reward! Tell me what you think.😊

June 26 – (Matt. 9:14-26) Jesus compares himself to a bridegroom and then discusses garments and wineskins.  What is Jesus teaching us about His kingdom and its impact through this illustration? 

                In verses 18-26, notice the problems over which Jesus displays power and authority. What might this picture of Jesus strengthen your faith in the challenges that you face?  Ask the Lord to strengthen your vision of His power in ways that deepen your faith.

June 27 – (Matt. 9:27-38) Does Jesus heal the bling men as soon as they ask? Why do you think He waited until they pursued Him into the house?  When we are asking Him for something, does He always answer right away (whatever the answer is)?  What should that do in us?  Though Jesus warned them not to tell anyone of this miracle, they “spread His fame” anyway.  What does that say to us today as we asking Him how to “spread His fame”?

                Verses 32-34 speak of another deliverance!  YAY!  But why do the Pharisees interpret it as coming from demons? As I study His Word in the light of wanting to disciple others, I am admitting to having a Pharisaical frame of mind about some things. I am so thankful the Lord is showing me things I need to repent of and renew my mind to His way of thinking.  These verses also reminded me of our political culture today where “right actions” are deemed as evil.  Selah

June 28 – (Matt. 10:1-15) Jesus gave His disciples “authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction”.  As disciples of His today, why can or do we not do “greater works” than this?  No quilt here (that is a bunny trail of the enemy). As we study, we need to ask the Lord to renew our mind to the power and authority He has given His disciples!  SELAH

June 29 – (Matt. 10:16-25) Jesus warns the disciples that their compassionate ministry will not be warmly received.  What will they experience? Can you relate to any of these warnings?  What would Jesus specifically warn us about today? 


June 30 – (Matt. 10:26-39) In verses 26-33 Jesus prepares His present and future disciples for opposition.  Why shouldn’t the disciples be afraid of those who oppose them?  Do you have a “fear of man”?  This will need to be dealt with, if we are going to follow hard after Jesus. 

                Following Christ may strain family relationships and loyalties.  Why should we risk such tensions?  Again, we have to focus on treasures in Heaven not on the favor of man or treasures here.

July 1 – (Matt. 10:40-11:6) What promises are made in 10:40-42?  As you think about these verses, reflect on not only how others will receive you but how you receive others.  Selah

                John appears to be experiencing frustration and second thoughts because of his imprisonment.  What might (or perhaps has) given you frustrations and second thoughts about Jesus?  Did He not do what you thought He would do because you thought you heard from Him but it’s just not turning out how you thought it would?  Read verses 4-6 again.  Describe the tone and feel of Jesus reply to John. He may be saying the same thing to us as we “walk in His way” but aren’t seeing things clearly. 😊