June 11 – (Matt. 4:12-25) Here is a misconception I had. I always thought Jesus lived in Nazareth until His ministry began and then “wandered”. Verse 13 says He went and lived in Capernaum by the sea. Even in this move, it brought fulfillment of prophecy.  Verses 12-17 describe the transition from testing to ministry.  What do they tell us about Jesus and His agenda?

                One of Jesus first functions as king is calling disciples.  If we are to follow Jesus’s example, should we not be doing the same?  From verse 18-22, develop a brief description of what is required for “citizenship” in His kingdom.  How has discipleship affected your life? 

June 12 – (Matt. 5:1-12) We could spend days to weeks on these verses.  This is Jesus’ main treatise on relationships and the law.  The Beatitudes describe the qualities Jesus requires of those who live as citizens of His kingdom.  What would it feel like to be a member of a community of people who shared these qualities?  To grow to become more like that community, assess each beatitude and its blessing and how you are doing with each.  How can the Lord renew your mind to be more like specific ones?

June 13 – (Matt. 5:13-26) The rest of this chapter discusses various misconceptions we might have about the Law.  Why do you think that Jesus stresses that He did not come to abolish the Law (vv. 17-20)? Let’s compare the Law (which many times forces us to look at our works) with Grace through salvation (which now should have us viewing things through the grace and mercy of Jesus which should cause us to “want to” worship Him with “good works”.  Selah

June 14 – (Matt. 5:27-37) As we look at these verses, we read it through the eyes of American culture.  Go back and read it this time, asking God to reveal His mind a lot closer to what He really is saying.  We really need His Heart on these subjects, don’t we?

June 15- (Matt. 5:38-48) In these verse, Jesus teaches on enemies and evil people.  As citizens of His kingdom today what does this look like? 

                Verse 42 says to give to the one who begs from you.  Okay, but how do we discern those who are genuinely in need from those who are just lazy and want a hand out? hmm

June 16 – (Matt. 6:1-4) In verses 1-18, Jesus shifts His focus from relationships to “religious obligations.”  What do verses 1-4 say about wanting people to notice your “good works”?

June 17 – (Matt. 6:5-15) We all can recite the Lord’s Prayer.  Let’s break it down a little to see it we can glean new insight.  This prayer Jesus gave His disciples as an example to follow.  It involves an invocation and six petitions.  See if you can find then and describe them.

                DID YOU KNOW?  Hypocrites (vv. 2-4) originally referred to Greek actors who wore different masks to play various roles.  Jesus expected His disciples to give to the needy.