Sept. 10 – (Ex. 10) As we look at the 8th plague (locusts) and the 9th plague (darkness), I am reminded again, how very awesome God is!  He knows us all so very intimately. He knows what we are thinking and our motivations for all that we do. His purposes are perfect. Let us not fight against what He allows but rather trust that He brings all things to His perfect purpose and glory. 

Sept. 11 – (Ex. 11) God told Moses what He was going to do (harden Pharaoh’s heart for a while) at the very beginning of this process. He gave him the general information that Moses needed to know at the time.  He is now telling Moses even more specifics.  They have one more plague to go and how to prepare for the move after that.  God tells Moses what he needs to know as he needs to know it.  I think we all struggle with this process. The amount of trust in Him will determine how much anxiety we have for each “tribulation”. Selah

                Did You Know? God calls Israel His firstborn son. He wants Pharaoh to know what will happen if he does not let “His firstborn son go.” (Ex. 4:22-23)

Sept. 12 – (Ex. 12) Let’s continue with the reminder that God tells us what we need to know (if we are listening) when we need to know it.  God told Moses at the burning bush (3:22) that when they came out of Egypt, they would come with “silver and gold and clothing”. Let’s go back even farther. As God covenanted with Abraham, He told Abraham that this would happen to his descendants. They would be slaves, but God would bring them out of slavery to the promised land with “great possessions” (Gen. 15:14)!  Let’s remember to listen to the Lord’s direction and remind ourselves that we can trust Him in not only His ways but also in His timing!

                One other thing. When the sons of Jacob and their families arrived in Egypt there were 70 persons (1:5).  The people of Israel who were going out of the land now numbered more than six hundred thousand…besides women and children.  This would suggest a total of about 2 million people.  We can survive…no thrive even in hard times!  That’s how we get From Here to There! Selah

Sept. 13 – (Ex. 13) God wants Israel to remember what He did for them in the final plague that caused Pharaoh to release them.  He saved and redeemed their first born, both animals and children.  It is definitely something they should remember and appreciate.  The way they were to remember was to consecrate their first-born child and donkey to the Lord. A lamb was sacrificed in their stead. All the other first-born animals were to be sacrificed.  Why do you think only the donkeys were consecrated? Could it have to do with Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem to be sacrifice for our sins? Selah

                In keeping with “getting from here to there”, notice verses 17-22.  First of all, God was with them the whole way… evidenced in a pillar of fire by night and cloud by day. Next, He could have led them by way of the Philistines. That was certainly shorter to them.  God knew they were not ready to battle them yet (that time would come much later) so He led them the longer, more difficult way.  What if Moses had disagreed with God’s direction and went the shorter route? What happens when we want to “take a shorter route?  Selah

Sept. 14 – (Ex. 14) Are there times when there is nothing more you can think to do about a situation or maybe even a person? “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today.  For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.  The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” The fear of man…any man is an idol God wants to tear down. As we live what He says above what any human might say, that idol is being destroyed. 

Sept. 15 – (Ex. 15) Now that the Egyptians are no longer a threat to them, the Israelites are learning how to make God their Master. They will continue this lessen as they journey to Canaan…and even to this day. We see this as they are barely out of the sight of the Red Sea where God powerfully protected them and are already “mumbling”.  They are not trusting that the Lord’s presence is sufficient for their protection and provision. Verses 25b-26 show us one-way God taught them about this.  “There the Lord made for them a statute and a rule, and there He tested them., saying, ‘If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and do that which is right in His eyes and give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, your healer’.”  Today, I am trusting that the Lord’s presence is sufficient for my protection and provision! “Lord help me remember this every moment of this day…and forever!”

Sept. 16 – (Ex. 16) Have tried to lead someone somewhere (like disciple someone) and all they did was complain (grumble)? Maybe you were the “grumbler”.  Verse 7 gives us a reality check.  All grumbling is dissatisfaction with something in our lives.  It is blaming someone or thing for something we don’t appreciate.  It is forgetting who “allows all things for our good” as we seek His face and His will for our lives. I am thinking even now of a recurring thing that happens and I admit, I grumble against the Lord (“Lord when will you make it stop?”).  Forgive me Lord. Maybe it keeps coming around because I haven’t learned to stop grumbling when it happens…or I just don’t respond with trust that God is in control and does all things for our good and His glory!  Selah

                One other thing I want to revisit. In 15:25b-26 we found that God’s Presence brings protection and provision.  When God provided bread from heaven (16:4), it met Israel’s physical needs and showed that their whole lives were to be sustained by the Lord and governed by His Word. The people responded to the Lord’s power as if it was disconnected from who He is (v.3). Moses says that they will see the glory of the Lord (v.10), which was a sign of His presence. They saw provision but did not recognize it was through His Presence with them.  SELAH!