Oct. 1 – (Ex. 31) Bezalel is my hero! Why? God put gifts and abilities in him from the get-go “for such a time as this”.  Can you imagine what he was like as a child? I picture him always creating something from “nothing” even though he used things that mom and dad needed for daily living.  What if his parents had given him such a hard time that he refused to even think about creating things as a young man called by God?  What if he got discouraged while Moses was up on the mountain getting “Bezalel’s marching orders” and became one of the 3,000 men who died because they gave up and worshiped the golden calf?  In other words, it reminds me to pray for children that they will walk in the giftings God has put in them and not turn from God.  I also pray for parents to nurture the gifts they see in their children.

                Let me give you one practice I learned to express while I taught kindergarten at Charisma Academy.  In teacher conferences several times, I had to acknowledge to parents that their child was overly disrupting class proceedings by bullying other students into doing what they wanted. Sometimes they would even try to “take over” the class.  Most times the parents saw this at home and were despairing of the behavior. I always explained that God had put the gift of leadership in them and He wanted them to use it for His Glory.  What we as teacher and parents needed to do was pray for ways to channel that gift so that God could use it. 

Oct. 2 – (Ex. 32) Have you ever messed up…very badly… trying to “get from here to there”? Then you really need to read this chapter.  Aaron and his sons have just been chosen to be priests to the Lord. Really to be the only one to go into the Holy of Holies. But once Moses is out of sight, Aaron chose to listen to the people complaining and lead them down a very destructive path. Stephen, in Acts 7:39 speaks of this event.  He says that Israel “thrust (Moses) aside, and in their hearts, they turned to Egypt.” Aaron didn’t try to stop them. Though some were destroyed, Aaron was not. God can redeem anyone of anything so don’t live in the past regrets (or victories even). 

                DID YOU KNOW? God wrote the 10 Commandments on both sides of the stone tablet (v.15). Don’t you always picture them on one side only, like in the movie?  

Oct. 3 – (Ex. 33) This chapter describes the difficult time following the golden calf episode, as the Lord says He no longer will go among His people.  Even though He has said this, hope remains because of His presence in the pillar of cloud and His continued relationship with Moses, to whom He speaks face to face. We end this chapter with God showing mercy and promising to go with them.  Let’s thank Him for the mercy God shows us every day. In His mercy, He sent His Son to die for our wrong doings (sins). “Thank you, God that You show us mercy!” 

Oct. 4 – (Ex. 34) Moses goes up to the mountain a second time for the 10 Commandments. Things are done just a little differently this time but never the less they are delivered safely back to the people. Verses 6-7 contain the Lord’s proclamation of His name and description of His character. We would do well to remember His description of Himself.   “The Lord, The Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin.”  We also would do well to remember the warning. “Who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and fourth generation.” Let’s get rid of those iniquities so our children don’t have to deal with it as well!

                DID YOU KNOW? Cast metal in verse 17 is the same Hebrew word used of the “golden” calf.  

Oct. 5 – (Ex. 35) Bezalel and Aholiab were not only gifted in making things out of wood and metals, they were also teachers. Can you imagine only two men creating all that was needed for the Tabernacle? There were many others who just needed instruction and God provided all that was needed for His dwelling place.  Does God do any less today? Let’s take it to a personal level today. God has put gifts in each of us. Though we are not all teachers, it is important to use any gift (or ability) for God’s glory. If you can’t think of a God-given gift (or gifts), why not ask the Lord to show you?  It’s there! 

Oct. 6 – (Ex. 36) The people brought so many supplies for the construction of the Tabernacle that Moses had to tell them to stop bringing more.  What does that say about their attitude? At this point they trusted Moses and ultimately God for provision and for a purpose they had yet to fully understand.  When God asks us to bring “what we have”, do we give so much, we are told to stop? This is another one I will ponder. 

Oct. 7 – (Ex. 37-38) Bezalel has begun construction of the articles. Every piece of furniture in the tabernacle was crafted according to God’s plan.  Each item represented something about God’s character: His sovereignty, His generosity, His presence with His people. They were reminders of how God met their needs and forgave their sins. As you read about each item, think about what it represents and thank Him for it even in our lives today.