Jan. 7 – (Gen. 2:4-9) Let’s back up just a little bit. Who wrote Genesis since, at the beginning of the beginning, there was no one but God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?  Moses is credited to write the first five books (called the Pentateuch).  The Lord inspired Moses to write in each book, all that He wanted us to know. He gave us all the details we need.  Aren’t you thankful for His Word?  As amazing as creation is, the preservation of what happened is just as amazing. He has given us all we need to know by the Holy Spirit just so we can know Him and grow in Him.

                Did you notice in these verses that God has set a pattern?  He sets things in place and then activates them. He created light then later activates and organizes it. He plants seeds for all vegetation and then adds the water, so they will grow.  God is so very creative and orderly and well, just awesome in all He does!  Praise Him. 

Jan. 8 – (Gen. 2:10-17) The Garden of Eden must have been a wonderful place.  Think of the most gorgeous, relaxing park or forest and you probably have only a minuscule view of what it was like.  From part of the description we know where it might be, but the rest of the description makes it impossible to find to this day.  Would you want to go and live there if it were found? It represents peace, joy, and no pull of the world. And yet can we not have that as we lean on Jesus for every thought and action transformed into His image.  It is something we can grow towards as we purpose to “live and love in Him”. Selah 

Jan. 9 – (Gen. 2:18-25) In these verses, we see Adam naming all the animals. Adam must have had a creative mind to do all that!  Then God made a mate for him and Adam got to name her!  How very interesting. I then look at verse 24. “Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  Adam and Eve did not know an earthly father or mother.  Interesting.  But it wasn’t Adam writing this down. It was most likely Moses through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Now it makes more sense. It’s so very interesting how background and study can give you new insight into His Word for your life. 

Jan. 10 – (Gen. 3:1-7) Have you ever really looked at all the half-truths, satan told Eve? Let’s look at some of them. 1. “Did God say you can’t eat of any tree?” (There was only one they could not eat from.) From this Eve exaggerates from not eating from the one tree to not touching it as well. This reminds me how very careful I need to be when I interpret His Word!  2. “You will not surely die.” (They did not die immediately, but their sin-free view died. Every response from then on would come from tainted view. They no longer had an intimate relationship with God.)  3. “When you eat it, you will be like God knowing good and evil.” (They already were like God as in Gen. 1:26-27.) (Knowing evil would bring separation from or death of living a sin-free view.)  Can you imagine living life with no memory and experience of sin? That was what God wanted for us.  That is why He gave us a choice and that is why He sent Jesus when we made the wrong choice.  Thank you, Jesus!

Jan. 11 – (Gen. 3:8-13) I think it is interesting that God spoke to Adam first. Growing up I always thought it was Eve who was “most” responsible because she initiated the sin. But as years have gone by I have learned that Adam was given the responsibility to have dominion over the garden and was placed as head of the husband and wife relationship. God gave Him the rule about the tree before God even made Eve. He was there when the serpent tempted Eve and did not stop her.  Then when God confronted him, he blamed Eve.  I wonder what would have happened if he had just confessed and asked forgiveness.  There is so much here to ponder. 😊 

Jan. 12 – (Gen. 3:14-19) What was the judgement of the serpent?  He went from being upright and speaking to humans to crawling on his belly and not being able to communicate to us. It wasn’t just a snake, it was satan speaking through the snake. This is why dust is the serpent’s meat and will be, even in the restored kingdom (Isa. 65:25).  To eat dust is to know defeat, and that is God’s prophetic judgment upon the enemy.  He will always reach for his desires and fall just short of them.  There will be continuous aspiration, but never any attainment.  I never looked at these verses this way.  His Word continues to teach us new things as we discipline ourselves to study it.

Jan. 13 – (Gen. 3:20-24) I am going to attempt to bring a different light to verse 20. This may not sit well with some and please respond if you have a better interpretation. This has some very ponderable thinking in it.  Eve was not her name but rather it was a title – mother.  At the time she was named there was no conception or child.  Eve was not the name God gave the woman. He saw her as a part of Adam and called her by her husband’s name (Gen. 5:2).  She is looked upon in her husband.  That is why Miss X when she marries Mr. Y becomes Mrs. Y.  Donald Grey Barnhouse further explains it this way in his book “Genesis”.  “It is difficult to identify a woman apart from her husband.  Who is she? Oh, her husband is such and such. Women are to lose their identity in the identity of the husband, because marriage is a picture of the church and Christ, and we lose our identity in Him.  If this is really true, there are so many ways we have changed that in this day and age.  Let’s ponder that….