Feb. 11 – (Ex. 1-2) Let’s continue to read and study the O.T. a little faster as we continue this years’ study of the Word.  The first two chapters set the stage for the rest of Exodus.  Here we see the connection to the events of Genesis (1:1-7), the oppression that has arisen under a new pharaoh (1:8-22), the preservation of Moses at birth (2:1-10) and later in Midian (2:11-22), and God’s knowledge of Israel’s suffering and His faithfulness to His covenant with Abraham and his descendants (2:23-25).  I always ponder 1:8. How often we judge people’s actions because we look only at the surface and “don’t know them”. Is it our place to judge someone’s’ motivation?  It is God’s place to judge. It is our place to love through Jesus’s eyes and respond accordingly. Sometimes that comes with boundaries and consequences.  Selah 

Feb. 12 – (Ex. 3-4) I have always wondered about the meaning of 4:24-26.  I’m understanding that God remembered His covenant with Abraham and His people that was sealed in blood. Circumcision was human evidence and Moses had not yet “remembered” to apply it to his family.  God was allowing circumstances to come about so that Moses would seal that covenant.  Actually, it was his wife that pushed the issue.  We all need to remember what God has promised us and do those things that we are commanded to do.  Selah  

Feb. 13 – (Ex. 5-6) As soon as Moses confronted Pharaoh, things got more difficult for the Israelites. God has been telling their ancestors starting with Abraham, they would have Canaan as their own. He again reminds them of this (6:1-9).  It’s amazing how God assures us of things but when they don’t seem to be going in the right direction and in our timing, we lose hope.  These verses remind me again that God has a good plan for each of us and He uses everything that comes our way for our good (to grow us) and for His glory (for Him to get credit for what others see in us or our ways).  Selah  

Feb. 14 – (Ex. 7-8) As we begin to read about the plagues, let’s note what the magicians could replicate.  In the first three plagues, they could make the change, but they could not reverse them. Only God could restore.  That is so true in our lives, we can (and do) cause damage in our lives and in others’ lives but only God can restore it.  Let’s pause and think about that and repent and then thank Him for His work in our lives.  

Feb. 15 – (Ex. 9-10) As we go through the fifth-ninth plagues, let’s look at Moses. He went from saying he could not speak to Pharaoh (when God spoke to him at the burning bush) to doing the talking and interaction. That’s God maturing Moses in what He had called him to do.  He didn’t always follow God’s specific commands and would then go back and plead that God would do it the way Moses had said it would happen. God responded to Moses. We should be able to see that in ourselves as well. As we do what He calls us to do, we make mistakes but learn from them (hopefully). God does not give up on us but continues to grow us into His image and likeness.  Thank you, God that you don’t give up on us. You teach us and train us by your Holy Spirit.  

Feb. 16 – (Ex. 11-12) Have you ever thought about what the night of the Passover was like for both Israelites and Egyptians?  Of course, I wonder if any Israelites did not listen to Moses.  What about the “wayward teenager” who was in their rebellion stage? Or the person who forgot about the edict and went out to check on their livestock (kind of like trying to use the microwave when the electricity is out)? Did they bring all first- born animals into their house? Did they even have structures for their animals, that they could put blood on?  Did any of the Egyptians anoint their houses? In some houses the father and a child could have been a first-born. All of these questions are probably not important but one Truth I will land on.  God is in control now as He was then.  God allows all things to happen for our good and for Him to receive glory.   

Feb. 17 – (Ex. 13-14) The Israelites are finally on their way to the promised land. They are out from under Pharaoh’s hand to a place God has promised them.  Will the journey be easy? Will life be a bed of roses? Even in these two chapters we see that won’t happen. But lest I repeat myself again… God was in control, allowing only what could turn for their good and His glory! Chapter 13:17-19 shows us God does guide or prevent things that truly would harm us. Crossing the Red Sea shows us God intervenes in miraculous ways (most we don’t see though) for His purpose.  There is so much more! Reread these chapters and make a list of how God worked in their lives and how that relates to His working in your life. Lord, thank you for ordering my steps each day for my good and Your glory!