Apr. 22 – (Deut. 1-2) As we begin Deuteronomy, let’s get a little overview.  It is largely a sermon, or set of sermons, preached by Moses to all of Israel shortly before his death. It is a motivational sermon, urging Israel’s faithful obedience to the covenant laws given 40 years previously at Sinai. Moses encourages Israel to trust and obey God, and to conquer the land. He highlights God’s uniqueness, His power over other nations and armies, and His grace and faithfulness. He reminds the people that God promised the land, that God’s gift of the land is undeserved, and that the land is full of good things.

                Chapter one is pretty much history of what God had done for the Israelites and how the Israelites refused to obey the commands that went along with those blessings. Chapter two is more history but comes at the end of the 40 years wanderings. It shows God causing His people to pass peaceably through 3 nations that were distantly related. What you do if someone related all your fathers/grandfathers’ sins?  Then they talk about how God still provided in that history?  Hmm.  As we read and study His Word, we are reminded by the Holy Spirit of our sins.  We can choose to repent and work on renewing our minds… or not. No matter what we choose, God still provides for us (though we may be limited in those sinful areas). Selah 

Apr. 23 – (Deut. 3-4) After summarizing Israel’s history, Moses begins to encourage the people in chapter 4.  “And now, o Israel listen to the statues and the rules that I am teaching you, and do them, that you may live, and go in and take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you.” (4:1) Here is the key to their success in taking the land.  Possession of the Promised Land is linked to obeying the statues and the rules that govern life. Is it any different for us today as we “reclaim” our mind, will, and emotions by obeying Him?  Selah 

Apr. 24 – (Deut. 5-7) These verses are worth memorizing (5:32-33).   It is a recipe for prolonged and well lives!

                List the foundational ways we are to grow up godly children (as well as ourselves (6:5-9).  How can we apply them to our “every day” life?  Which part do you plan to work on?

                Why does the Lord set His love on you (7:7)?  Oh, if we could only remember that every moment of our lives!!!  We certainly would act differently! 

Apr. 25 – (Deut. 8-10) God is reminding the Israelites again of His purpose for the wilderness journey.  What was His purpose (8:2-3)?  He is also cautioning them to be careful in who gets the glory for their upcoming victories (8:18-20).  I think I can apply both aspects to my journey as well.  God wants us in a place where we concentrate on Him, not so much what He can give us.  We should concentrate on seeking His face and not His hand.

Why did the Lord drive out the Canaanites from before the Israelites (9:5-6)?  I never saw this before.  Have you?  Tell me what you think.

What does the Lord require of you (10:12, 13)?  This is so simple, anyone who loves God can do this……. yet so complex without the Holy Spirit and God’s grace and mercy, it can never be fulfilled. 

Apr. 26 – (Deut. 11-13) How do we worship the Lord our God today with things that other religions use to worship their gods (12:1-5)?  It would be very interesting to make those specific comparisons.

Here is a way to know if a prophecy is true (13:1-4).  Do you see that just because it comes true, it still may not be from the Lord?  The other important part is: Does it encourage you to go after other gods (anything you put before God)?  Selah 

Apr. 27 – (Deut. 14-16) Let’s list what is clean meat and what is unclean meat (14:3-21).  Would the clean meat be on our “healthy list” these days?

Isn’t it amazing that God chiseled out specific times for the people to relax and enjoy the blessings of the Lord?  First born animals, Passover remembrance, the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of Tabernacles were designated times.  These were all times of “remembering” what God had done for them.  How often do we take time to recount the blessings of the Lord in our lives?  It is well with our soul when we do!  Why not take 5 minutes right now and list as many things with which God has blessed you recently?  They are there!!!! 

Apr. 28 – (Deut. 17-21) Here is another prime example that God already knows our future.  God has said to the Israelites “Don’t take on the practices of the people of Canaan.” Part of the “practices” was having a king.  God knew the Israelites would still want a king like Canaan.  He also knew what “power” can do to a person which also affects the rest of the country.  The question I ask myself is; have I taken on the “ways of the world”?  I find this out by measuring my thoughts and actions against the Word of God on a daily basis and asking the Lord to cleanse me of the “dirt” of the world.  Our daily reading of the Word is a “washing of the Water of the Word.”  Keep reading!

                What are some of the principles governing warfare (20:1-20)? What was the law concerning unsolved murder (21:1-9)?  Can we apply any of this to our lives today?