May 27 – (2 Sam. 1-3) This book describes many of David’s successes and failures. The first ten chapters tell us David made good choices and thus he could do no wrong.  After that “big bad” choice, he was always in the midst of shedding blood. God had already told David not to build the tabernacle because he had shed too much blood.  Isn’t this an example of God’s omniscience?  He already knew what David would choose to do…. And yet He still picked David for this job!  It gives me hope that He knows all my foul-ups and still chose me (and you) to display His Glory (when I make good choices)!

            Have you noticed in David’s lament of Saul and Jonathan that he doesn’t want the aliens to gloat over their demise?   When we hear of the fall of “public Christian leaders” don’t we feel the same way?  Yet we all make wrong choices in life. Don’t be afraid to show God’s glory just because you are afraid you won’t quite get it right! Always, always seek God’s way of doing things before you plunge in! 

            David is anointed king of Judah but Abner (King Saul’s army commander) brought up Ishbosheth (son of Saul) and made him king over Israel.  Ishbosheth reigned 2 years.  David reigned over Judah 7 1/2 years.  We already have Israel and Judah fighting against each other.  How sad that they couldn’t agree on one king…the king God had chosen!  Lives ended in the process.  Family members (God’s family) were killing each other.  A civil war had broken out …all because they wanted a king… of their choosing!  Selah 

May 28 – (2 Sam. 4-6) How do we “handle” God’s presence? There were rules for how to “handle” the ark. You can see what caused God to bless those who responded/acted correctly and what happened to those who did not. I ask again: How do we respond/act in God’s presence? Selah 

May 29 – (2 Sam. 7-9) I think it’s interesting that Nathan the prophet told David to go ahead with his plans to build a tabernacle for God.  Then God spoke to Nathan and told him David would not build it. One of his sons would build it.  This reminds me that sometimes what we think is God’s direction for something may need to be adjusted as we listen to Him.  It takes a humble heart to redirect our thinking.

            2 Sam. 7:18-29 is David’s thanksgiving to God.  Write your own thanksgiving to God about your life right now.  I dare you!  

May 30 – (2 Sam. 10-12) David defeats the Ammonite and Syrians when they don’t receive David’s good-will gesture.  Have you ever tried to do something nice for someone, but they did not receive it as you intended it?  No, we don’t go to war with them, but we do have a right to seek God for how to proceed.  As I read David’s accounts, it amazes me how it was done differently each time.  It reminds me that God is so creative in solving problems.  We should not get stuck expecting Him to work the same way He did the last time we cried out to Him to save us! But we should always expect that He will work it out for our good and His glory!!!

            In the account of David and Bathsheba, God, through Nathan the prophet reminds David of his sins.  How does God show him he is wrong?  It reminds me again that the Lord sees everything whether we try to hide it or not, whether we try to convince ourselves it’s ok or not.  One of my son’s basketball coaches told them, “What you practice in private, you perform in public.”  This is true whether for righteousness or sin.  Whether physical or mental or spiritual! 

May 31 – (2 Sam. 13-14) Why was Absalom banished from David’s sight? If you look at Absalom’s life, what kind of character do you think he had?   Describe his looks. I’ve come to the conclusion (in my short life) that good looking people normally depend on their looks while those of us who are a “little less than perfect in our features” have to work on our character a little more. What do you think? 

June 1 – (2 Sam. 15-16) Can you imagine being the king of Israel and Judah for 33 years after running from Saul?  Now he is running from his own son in the same way.  All because of a wrong choice he made after becoming king.  We have to be careful that we don’t walk in God’s glory with our own fleshly desires.  God will only bless glory given to Him alone!

            Has Mephibosheth just turned against David after David showed such kindness to him (16:1-4)?

I never saw this before.  Isn’t it amazing that we find something new as we read and re-read His Word!  It is a living Word!

 Saul’s house is back with a vengeance.  What is David’s humble response? 

June 2 – (2 Sam. 17-18) WOW!! This could make a very intriguing suspense movie!  I had to keep thinking about which ones were the “bad guys” and which were the “good guys”.  The truth is, only Satan is the bad guy. We need to focus on the sin and not the sinner!  This was only one “ponderable” I had here.  Please send me something you pondered in this passage.

            What did Absalom do to keep a remembrance of himself (18:18)? Isn’t this in keeping with his character we talked about earlier?