July 1 – (1 Chron. 11-12) Of what tribe were the ambidextrous mighty men (12:1-2)?  What tribe were the mighty men of valor who were trained for battle with a shield and spear (12.8-15)?  When you add up all those who came to be in David’s army, how many do you get?    How did they get food? 

July 2 – (1 Chron. 13-15) David is trying to bring the ark back but someone dies.  What was done wrong? If you look at Num. 4:15, you’ll see that God already told the Israelites what would happen if someone touched the ark!

            What happened to the family of Obed-Edom who housed the ark for 3 months while David figured out what to do?  I’m thinking they did NOT touch the ark while it was there!!!           

July 3 - (1 Chron. 16-17) You will see that David is setting people in place for worship that God had chosen.  Several of these names will show up as singers and authors of some of the Psalms! Can you find them?  As you read David’s Psalm of thanksgiving, read it aloud to Him for your own life!

After the ark came back to rest in Jerusalem, they worshiped God.  What three things did David give each person (16:3)?  We know that Obed-Edom housed the ark for three months and was blessed by God, but he and his relatives got a new job after that, what was it (16:38)?

David wanted to build a temple for God.  What prophet did he speak with to decide whether or not the Lord wanted it?  Can you imagine having to seek a person every time you wanted to communicate with God?  Aren’t you glad you’re on this side of Calvary? I think it’s interesting that Nathan the prophet told David to go ahead with his plans to build a tabernacle for God.  Then God spoke to Nathan and told him David would not build it but one of his sons would.  This reminds me that sometimes what we think is God’s direction for something may need to be adjusted as we listen to Him.  It takes a humble heart to redirect our thinking.  

July 4 – (1 Chron. 18-21) David goes on to defeat the Ammonite and Syrians.  As I read the accounts, it amazes me how it is done differently each time.  It reminds me that God is so creative in solving problems.  We should not get stuck expecting Him to work the same way He did the last time we cried out to Him to save us from something we got ourselves into! 

July 5 – (1 Chron. 22-24) As I’m reading about the genealogy of the Levites and what each assigned task was, I think about the body of Christ today.  Could we write down a genealogy of what each of our family’s duties (or gifts) are to the Lord?  We all now have access into the Holy of Holies (the presence of the Lord) because Jesus’ victory over sin.  Therefore, we each have a duty (or gift) to offer Him.   What is your gift or gifts?  Are you consistently offering it to Him for His glory?  Selah

            David divided the priests by the sons of Levi (Gershon, Kohath, and Merari).  Which family was Moses and Aaron from (23:12-15)? 

July 6 – (1 Chron. 25-26) In chapter 25, we see David organizing the musicians.  David and the Levite leaders divided the musicians into the three family groups (see 6:31-47).  It says these musicians prophesied with musical instruments.  That is, they wrote songs, as guided by the Spirit of God.  In some cases, their songs seem to have become part of OT scripture.  Asaph is named in the titles of Ps. 50, and 73-83, and Jeduthun in the titles of Ps. 39, 62, and 77.  Heman here may be the same person as Heman the Ezrahite named in the title of Ps. 88 (also see 1 Chron. 6:33). Musicians are so very “instrumental” in leading worship. It is still true today. Selah 

July 7 – (1 Chron. 27-29) David gave his son Solomon some serious advice (28:9-10). We would do well to heed it as well.  He then follows with equally serious encouragement (28:20). Let me encourage you with David’s words: “Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished.”  Make these verses your “meditation” throughout the day. I really needed to hear these words today.  It’s amazing to me that this was written thousands of years ago and yet God speaks to me and encourages me today.  He is so awesome!