July 8 – (2 Chron. 1-4) God gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge and riches and wealth and honor because Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge.  Then I read 2 Ch.2:11. Do you think this was why God gave him so much?  Love is the greatest thing we can have in all of our relationships.  If all we do, think, and act on is out of His love, we will have the greatest success in glorifying God. 

July 9 – (2 Chron. 5-7) As I’m reading this passage, I see Pastor Torry’s notes in the margin of my Bible and I pause to consider what is he noted.  There seemed to be three prerequisites to the Lord’s glory filling the temple: 1.  All the people had to prepare for it.  2.  There had to be unity of purpose.  3. Worship needed to precede the filling.  See if you can see that, in these specific verses.  How can “we” create an atmosphere for further God’s glory to come to our assembly?  Selah!

Did you notice several times in Solomon’s prayer that he gave himself credit for building the temple?  Was that out of pride or humility?  Are we to judge the motivations of a man’s heart?  Who can really know a man’s motivations?  Only God can truly judge our motivations.  It is not ours to judge.  Let me know what you think! 

July 10 – (2 Chron. 8-11) Solomon did some wonderful things.  9:22 says “King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom.”  Yet God took away ten tribes because King Solomon went after other gods.  We have to be very careful to give God glory for all the blessings He bestows on us and not get lax and worship other gods or idols for any reason whether in need or abundance. 

July 11 – (2 Chron. 12-15) King Rehoboam showed wisdom after Israel and Judah split.  He sought to honor God as his father and grandfather had done.  But after becoming well established, Rehoboam stopped depending on God.  God used the ambitious king of Egypt to cause Rehoboam to look to God again.  But the consequences of Rehoboam’s decisions still followed him and affected the whole nation.  How does that speak to your life today?  

July 12 – (2 Chron. 16-19) In the 20th year of Jeroboam’s reign of Israel, Asa became king over Judah.  As you read about king Asa, did you rejoice in the fact that finally there was a king who followed God?  God rewarded him with wealth, advice, and a peaceful kingdom as long as he relied on the Lord.  But alas, Asa started looking to man for answers.  We need to look to God first in the hard times.  More important still, is to look to God in the easy times (and not begin to think it’s “us” making it easy. How foolish we are when we think the good times are of our own making! 

July 13 – (2 Chron. 20-22) Now the women are getting involved in destroying the family, so they can rule.  Athaliah (mother of Ahaziah, king of Judah) destroyed all the royal heirs when she saw that her son was dead.  She ruled for 6 years.  She missed one heir (Joash) which the Lord protected.  Jehoiada, the priest, had guards protect Joash until he could be proclaimed king.  It reminds me yet again that God’s plan will always work. It is in His timing and in His way. Selah 

July 14 – (2 Chron. 23-25) You remember that Johoiada was the priest who helped young Joash be a good king.  Then as Joash got older in his reign, he forsook Jehoiada’s advice.  Jehoiada’s son (Zechariah) then prophesied against him and Joash had Zechariah killed.  So sad!   The book of Joel will now be a lamentation of what the evil in Israel and Judah has brought on its inhabitants.