Sept. 2 – (Ps. 83-86) Psalms 84 and 85 were written by the sons of Korah.  They celebrate God’s strength, grace, and glory.  I think Psalm 84 is my favorite this day. Verses 5-7 have new meaning to me.  I knew the “Valley of Baca” means Valley of Tears.  “They go from strength to strength; each one appears before God in Zion (v.7).” This is interpreted, “The God of all gods shall be seen.”   If you reread these verses with the meaning, it puts a whole new light on the purpose of tear-forming situations in our lives as we go through them in His strength!   

Sept. 3 – (Ps. 87-89) Psalm 87 speaks of God’s devotion to Zion.  It is a Psalm of celebration which contrasts with the previous Psalm, which spoke of death and despair.

            Psalm 89 is a remembrance of the covenant with David, and sorrow for lost blessings.  The very first verse was made into a song we sang a long time ago.  What mercies of the Lord can you recount today?  Let’s thank Him for those mercies! 

Sept. 4 – (Ps. 90-93) Psalms 90 opens the fourth book of the psalms (Psalms 90-106). It may be seen as the first response to the problems raised by book 3.  Psalm 90, attributed to Moses, reminds the worshiper that God was active on Israel’s behalf long before David. This theme is taken up in Psalms 103-106, which summarized God’s dealings with His people before any kings reigned. In between there is a group of psalms (93-100) characterized by the refrain “The Lord reigns.” This truth refutes the doubts of Ps. 89.  The Lord still reigns!

Psalm 92 says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare Your loving kindness in the morning, and Your faithfulness every night…”

Let’s make that our homework for the week (If you don’t already have that habit).  When you wake up every morning, thank Him for another day He has made just for you to see His glory (v. 2 a).  Every night before you go to sleep let’s thank Him for His faithfulness you experienced during that day.   

Sept. 5 – (Ps. 94-97) In Psalm 94, the writer felt surrounded by people who did not seek after God.  Does that sound like our lives in the good ole USA today?  He does rejoice that God would protect and care for the righteous. In Psalms 95 and 96, the writer is encouraging the people to bring an offering of worship to God.  After all, everything that has been created is to give glory to God. 

Sept. 6 – (Ps. 98-102) In Psalms 101, David records the standards of conduct he wanted to follow.  Did he follow them perfectly?  No, he did not. But he did learn that nothing is hidden from God and he accepted God’s mercy and discipline without giving up on Him.

            In Psalm 102 the psalmist’s distress is not hopeless.  Through faith he saw a glorious future for unborn generations.  God will protect and restore his people today as in the past. Like David, we need to trust Him as He wills and does of His good pleasure in our lives as we surrender all to Him. 

Sept. 7 – (Ps. 103-104) There are so many things to thank the Lord for.  These verses give you all kinds of ways and yet there are so many more!  As you read these verses think of other related things that aren’t specifically written here and thank Him for it. (Ex. “forget not all His benefits….”  Name specific benefits you see in your own life.)  I promise you, the more you do this, and the brighter your day will be! 

Sept. 8 – (Ps. 105-106) As I read Psalm 105, I am amazed all over again that God has complete control over EVERYTHING in the world. Why? Because He made it all!  It reminds me that there are moments every day that I forget this and wonder where things got out of control. In heaven’s reality, nothing is out of control. It is only in my thinking that things don’t seem right.  Then I realize that I have forgotten that God is in control, that He is good, and that He only does good for us!  As I repent of unbelief, I am restored once again to a place of peace and contentment that my creator Father and Lord is in control of EVERYTHING!

            Every time I read Psalm 106:19-20, I have to pause and really think about it.  The Israelites exchange God’s glory on them for the image of a golden ox.  They did that by bowing down and worshiping it.  I then ask myself, what do I bow down to? Am I bowing down to the person I fear more than God (what they think about me more than what God thinks about me)? Do I bow down to the job that I depend on for living more than I depend on God for my provision?  Oh God, help us to put away any idols we bow down to, so that we can look more and more like You!