Aug. 12 – (Job 40-42) We have waded through a rather difficult book of the Bible to understand but now we’re at the happy ending.  Which do you think meant more to Job: seeing God and understanding Him better, or having worldly possessions and health restored to him?  Have you ever had a “type” of experience like this where it was very, very difficult to walk through but the closeness and strength of the Lord was so near and dear, you would experience it again just to get that communion with the Lord? I would say that about several times in my life. This book has reminded me of that time.  

            Did you notice that God’s wrath was aroused at only 3 of Job’s friends?  Why do you think he did not include Elihu?  Hmmm 

Aug. 13 – (Ps. 1-6) An over look of the Book of Psalms: Individual Psalms come from diverse periods of Israel’s history, but at every stage they served as the songbook of God’s people.  David wrote about half of the Psalms. The historical occasions mentioned in the psalm titles help the reader see how faith applies to real-life situations.

            When I read Psalm 1, I am always reminded of a message Pastor Torry gave to the youth when he was the youth pastor.  He focused on verse one.  It has always stuck with me.  He was explaining how teens (and this applies to adults as well) get into areas of lifestyle or choices that draw them away from God. It is a gradual process.  First you walk (you can’t “catch” a lot as you are walking by).  Next you stand (now you can “catch” more as you stay in one place, but you can’t stand forever).  Last you sit (Now you are a captive audience that can “catch” as much as possible.  You can sit for hours and hours).  If we apply that to being with His people and His Word, we get the same results Psalm 1:2 tells us just that!

            Okay let me “fess up”.  I was looking in Google for the reference that came to my mind about meditating on the Word day and night and I saw Joshua 1:8. Then I saw the reference of Ps. 1:2 that says the same thing!  I just hadn’t read far enough.  I hadn’t “walked” far enough into the scripture and sat there!

            This brings me to another whole realm of where we are “sitting” in this day.   How much of our time is actually sitting in a 24-hour period (not counting your job)?  I know TV and video games are a major part of our “sitting” time. What is it we are taking in during all those hours?  I also know that most families don’t sit together to eat meals. This is a great time to speak God’s truths into their lives as you talk about the events of the day!  “God help us to make better choices where we walk, stand, and sit.”

            *2:12 – Kiss the Son = embrace discipline or receive instruction

            *2:12 – lest He be angry = the Lord (“Lord” always speaks of our behavior) (“Christ” speaks of our redemption, “Jesus” speaks of God becoming man) 

Aug. 14 – (Ps. 7-10) What do you think about the Psalms?  Are they just ramblings of an emotional lonely guy or are they someone’s journaling?  How we look at specific scripture will alter what we get out of it. This is true about how we look at life as well.  David had a heart after God. To me, this means David didn’t always “feel” the right emotions, but he communicated them to God and depended on God to set him straight.  Of course, sometimes it took a while (and a prophet or judge) but in the end he submitted his ways to God. 

            I seem to run to the Psalms when I don’t know what to do or think in a certain situation that is looming in my face.  If you looked at my Bible you would see it riddled with short phrases and dates to remind me that God has spoken to me when I needed answers, encouragement, or strength.  I would encourage you (if you don’t already do this) when you recognize Him speaking to you, mark those specific verses as a “remembrance” of His faithfulness! 

            Example (Ps. 10:14 b-18) I have this marked with a time I was praying for a pregnant single young lady (by an emotionally abusive man) who didn’t know where to turn or what to do.  His Word is a living Word for all times! 

Aug. 15 – (Ps. 11-17) Before you read these Psalms, look at the descriptive titles for each.  It helps me to have an idea of what it is about, before I read it.  These Psalms run the gamut of thinking God has just written down your thoughts, to praying for specific people because God has put their names on your heart even as you read that specific description.  I’d love to hear which one meant the most to you.

 Ps. 11-Faith in the Lord’s Righteousness; Ps. 12 – Man’s Treachery and God’s Constancy;

 Ps. 13 – Trust in the Salvation of the Lord; Ps. 14 – Folly of the Godless, and God’s final Triumph; Ps. 15 – The Character of those who may dwell with the Lord; Ps. 16 – The hope of the faithful, and the Messiah’s victory; Ps. 17 – Prayer with confidence in final salvation. 

Aug. 16 – (Ps. 18 – 19) Ps. 18:1-19:14 ~ When we get a better understanding of the actual words printed in the Bible, it really helps us to know God better.  This passage speaks several times about a shield (18:1-3, 30-36).  In some verses, it means God is the shield we hold to protect us from onslaughts of the enemy.  In other verses, it portrays that when we are too weak to hold up God’s shield, HE holds that shield for us.  Doesn’t this just cause you to feel so protected and to praise Him? 

Aug. 17 – (Ps. 20-24) What is a rod?  What was the purpose of a staff? When you know the answers to these questions, you will understand more of the phrase from Psalm 23.  Today I will give you some help.  The rod was used by a shepherd to discipline the sheep.  A staff was used more to guide or to pull them in a different direction.  When God disciplines me or guides me it is for my comfort…. At least eventually!

 Psalm 24:3-5 talks about idols.  What is an idol?  Is it only material?  What truly defines an idol in our life is the place it occupies there.  Any person, thing, or desire that stands in the way of an immediate “YES LORD” to anything He asks, is an idol and must be “cast down”.

            The Solution: Examine yourself.  Ask the question: Is there anything in my life that hinders my obedience to God? Take down that idol in your life by humbling yourself before God and by refusing other interests to rule your heart.  Obviously, this isn’t always an instant fix, but it is a place to begin and begin again, again, again…. however long it takes (Yvonne Peters). The Key to Overcoming: Find a way to win, do not be defeated, and advance into the fullness of your God-given destiny (Chuck Pierce)! 

 Aug. 18 – (Ps. 25-29) Psalm 26 is repeating part of Psalm 1 about walking, standing, and sitting.  This time David is proclaiming that he has taken God’s advice to heart and obeyed (at least at this time). It’s a process isn’t it? We are saved and being saved as we renew our minds.