Sept. 16 – (Ps. 128-135) Psalms 128-131 are possibly written by Hezekiah.  Some of the lyrics in here were often sung at Israelite weddings.  As you read these, look for phrases or verses that might have applied to a wedding. In Psalm 135, God’s people are called to praise Him for His majestic power, displayed in his deeds on their behalf.  

Sept. 17 – (Ps. 136-139) Psalm 136 is so comforting. No matter what specific situation I am in, His Love endures… not just for that situation, but forever! We can get bored with reading that phrase after every situation written here but it drives home a Truth as it is repeated. His love (some versions say mercy) endures forever!  It endures all times and places and situations…His Love Endures Forever!  I rest easy when I remember this!    

Sept. 18 – (Ps. 140-144) In Psalms 140-142, David prayed for God’s strength when he felt overwhelmed.  God gives us the endurance we need to face whatever situation life brings us.  Here is an excerpt from Mourning Into Dancing by Walt Wangerin, Jr. that helps me understand these verses much better.

         When I was a boy… I told people that my father was stronger than anyone else in the world…. So, I would go out on the front porch and roar to the neighborhood: “My daddy’s arm is as strong as trucks! The strongest man in the world…”

     In those days a cherry tree grew in our backyard.  This was my hiding place.  Ten feet above the ground was a stout limb made a horizontal fork, a cradle on which I could lay face down, reading, thinking, and being alone.  Nobody bothered me here. Even my parents didn’t know where I went to hide.  Sometimes Daddy would come out and call, “Wally? Wally? But he didn’t see me in the leaves.  I felt very tricky.

   Then came the thunderstorm…. One day suddenly, a wind tore through the backyard and struck my cherry tree with such force that it ripped the book from my hands and nearly threw me from the limb.  I locked my arms around the forking branches and hung on.  My head hung down between them.  I tried to wind my legs around the limb, but the whole tree was wallowing in the wind…. “Daddeeeeee!  

     There he was…. The branches swept up and down, like huge waves on an ocean---and Daddy saw me, and right away he came out into the wind and the weather, and I felt so relieved because I just took it for granted that he would climb right up the tree to get me. 

    But that wasn’t his plan at all.  He came to a spot right below me and lifted his arms and shouted, “Jump.”  “What?” “Jump, I’ll catch you!”  Jump?  I had a crazy man for a father.  He was standing six or seven miles beneath me, holding up two skinny arms and telling me to jump.  If I jumped, he’d miss.  I’d hit the ground and die….

   But the wind and the rain slapped that cherry tree, bent it back, and cracked my limb at the trunk.  I dropped a foot. My eyes flew open.  Then the wood whined and splintered and sank, and so did I, in bloody terror.

   No, I did not jump. I let go. I surrendered.  I fell.   In a fast-eternal moment, I despaired and plummeted.  This, I thought, is what it’s like to die---But my father caught me….

     Now, in such a storm the tree which was our stable world is shaken, and instinct makes us grab it tighter: by our own strength we grip the habits that have helped us in the past repeating them, believing them.  We’d rather trust what is than what might be: that is, our power, our reason and feeling and endurance…. We spend a long time screaming No!

    But always, God is present.  God has always been present.  And it is God who says, “Jump”. 

Sept. 19- (Ps. 145-150) Do you ever go through a season where a certain phrase or chapter is your testimony you share with those who will listen? Ps. 146 was that for me. The title was “The happiness of those whose help is the Lord!!!”  God’s Word is relevant and gives us guidance through ALL situations in life.  Sometimes they are word for word in that current situation, sometimes they are received by more digging and are used at a later time, but they are ALWAYS there!!! Praise His Name Forever!!!!

The last four Psalms were worship directed to God.  They begin and end with hallelujah, the Hebrew word for “Praise the Lord.”  Worship is the “thank you” that refuses to be silenced.  We have tried to make a science out of worship.  We can’t do that. We can’t do that anymore than we can “sell love” or “negotiate peace.”  Worship is a voluntary act of gratitude offered by the saved to the Savior, by the healed to the Healer, and by the delivered to the Deliverer.  (Excerpt from In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado)  

Sept. 20 – (Pro. 1-2) The theme and goal of this book is stated right at the beginning (1:1-7): to describe what wisdom is and to help God’s people become wise.  Wisdom is founded in the “fear of the Lord,” and it enables believers to express their faith in the practical details of everyday Life. What is the beginning of knowledge?  Who despises wisdom and instruction (1:7)? 

Sept. 21 – (Pro. 3-4) What will add length of days and peace to our life (3:1-2)?  Prov. 3:5 is a foundational memory verse to practice every moment of every day!  

Sept. 22 – (Pro. 5-6) What are seven things the Lord hates (6:16-19)?  Notice that in today’s culture, many of these are “okay” if you can get away with it. In fact, the culture today says you are “successful” if you come out ahead by doing some of these! Remind yourself that God’s Word is the true source!