Prayer Leader Script

2.25.18 Pre-Service Prayer Rally

1. Coming Up
When we are serving we should know what is going on in our church to share with visitors and guests.

- Purim Party / Mar 2, 6:30PM

- 3 Nights of Prayer for revival / March 6, 7 and 8th from 6pm to 12am each night in the Prayer Chapel. You are invited to come by at any time to offer up prayer and worship.

2. Wins from last week

- 1 first time guest and 11 returning guests we connected with

- Testimony wall in the Lobby is filling up

-  There were 2 membership requests at Discover CA 

3. Personal Serving Testimony
- Open it up to anyone in the group to share a testimony of something God did when they were serving the last few weeks. This is to encourage people and get them excited to serve knowing that God is always moving.

4. Pray
- Pray for all those serving and all those entering our church today as the Holy Spirit leads you. You can pray as a group, split up, ect.