Prayer Leader Script

4.22.18 Pre-Service Prayer Rally

1. Coming Up
When we are serving we should know what is going on in our church to share with visitors and guests.

- Discover CA lunch is today after the service! Please be diligent in inviting new faces and even those who have been attending for a while but are not yet plugged in. This is for all newer guests and also for those wanting to become members. This is a lunch hosted by our pastors and staff.

- Discipleship Initiative Launch, May 6th, directly after the worship service. We have called everyone to pray about 1 partner who they will go through this discipleship initiative with. On the launch we will fellowship and provide an opportunity for everyone to find a partner who has not yet.

2. Wins from last week

- People are learning to be stretched to grow in their personal worship

- Discipleship Initiative...explanation led people to people begin talking to others about partnering for it.

- 3 first time guests

3. Personal Serving Testimony
- Open it up to anyone in the group to share a testimony of something God did when they were serving the last few weeks. This is to encourage people and get them excited and motivated to serve today.

4. Pray
- Pray for all those serving and all those entering our church today as the Holy Spirit leads you. You can pray as a group, split up, ect.