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The Story + Updates

Ka'Nyreon Beamon, an 8-year-old child at CA, is having a liver transplant this summer. We are coming together to help raise $8,000 to help his mother with expenses as she will be living out of town for 3 to 6 months during the surgery and recovery process.

  • Ka'Nyreon received a liver donor on June 19th and he and his mother immediately drove to Pittsburgh, PA. He is in surgery and is currently doing well.
  • June 21st - Ka'Nyreon is just out of his 12 hour surgery and his mother is waiting to see him.
  • Ka'Nyreon is in recovery and his mother, Carlena, has been accepted into the Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh.

Car Wash Fundraiser / June 30, 9am

We are coming together as a church to put on several car washes around the community to help raise money. We will meet at Christian Assembly at 9:00 am and split off into teams. We should finish up around 12:00 pm. Also, please pray about how you can raise support for Ka'Nyreon in your own area of influence. Is there a creative way you can do a fundraiser in your workplace or in your neighborhood? Thank you for unifying with us to love and encourage this precious family.