I was born and raised at Christian Assembly; I’ve been here for 21 years and have had the pleasure of being taught by many elders and good influences here at CA. When I was young, the church was kind of my “parents church” type of thing until I became fully engaged with the youth group they had for me when I was coming out of middle school. Even in my middle school years I have had some great childhood memories with my CA Family. But, during my high school age is when I started to realize what is it that I want to do with my life and where do I want to get connected? I have had other churches that I tried out to see if they would be good for me, but ultimately God has directed me back to CA because thats where I would discover some of the great gifts the Lord has given me to use for his glory; by serving others. During one of the Serve The City events we have at CA (a yearly mission trip to serve our community in Columbus), I had a conversation and encounter with Jesus, and In that moment I had I devoted my life to learn how to play guitar and use my gifts to worship him and lead others into his presence. A year later I was involved in our youth worship team that was only alive for a couple of months after I just got done learning the basics of guitar. As I progressed in playing for the youth band, I eventually became a worship leader and the head worship leader of the youth band. I never had the intention of singing and leading the band, but one night it was only me and two other singers who never led before, so they expected me to lead the songs. That night was the night I realized God didn’t want me to just be a guitarist. As time went on and very quickly, I became a worship leader for the main auditorium of Christian Assembly. Thanks to Joshua Miller who allowed me to step out into main service to use these gifts and a great thanks to my mentor Tammy Botkin who had me as her intern in worship. Its been a long journey but the Lord continues to show me new things each season I am in.